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My Think Tank concept:

I created The Solitaire because I wanted the perfect outfit. I wanted something that could carry all my essentials: my credit card, cash, ID, lipstick, keys, and smartphone.

I want to walk the earth freely without a handbag or anything else to hold me back from my journey, my destiny. Enter The Solitaire, a gorgeous, figure-flattering jumpsuit, that you Read More


I love AllSaints, which reminds me of England, where I long to return. I think I could be an AllSaints girl, stick straight hair falling into my eyes, my long limbs peeking out of well cut stovepipe skinny jeans and a painstakingly distressed leather jacket, looking like a postmodern and just woken up Amelia Earhart, ready to take flight yet Read More

Ugly Pretty

Have you ever seen people who go out of their way to wear unflattering things because they are so good looking that they can pull off even the most terrible looks? This is very common amongst dancers. Their lithe bodies can take the most abuse from pleats and plaids. The straightness of their backs makes a fine counterpoint to the messy topknot, hair piled into Read More

Shut Up Karl

You should hide behind that fan Karl Lagerfeld, shame on you, for calling Adele ‘a little bit fat’. Who are you? What is the point of saying that? What are you trying to prove? Why are you trying to cut a bitch down? Shame shame shame. Don’t read people as that only leads to being read to and you don’t want to hear that story. You Read More

There Will Be Bloodstains

jbrand red leather skinny

I do love a nice leather jean. It’s not the most practical item to buy, but they are beautiful. I have had a few pairs in my lifetime, and when I find ones I really love, it’s the most exciting thing. I remember all the best ones. My favorite were these weird stiff unlined and low waist ones from Fred Segal that cost a fortune Read More


park & cube

Old dogs listen up! New tricks can be learned! It takes an extra bit of effort, but it’s worth it. I think that beauty is mysterious but fair mistress, and the more you do to keep her, the longer she will stay. There’s a myth that beauty is pain, a harsh dominatrix who desires nothing but your suffering to sate her perverted desires. She wants Read More

My Jacket

We should talk about clothing sometimes. I have beautiful, impeccable, imaginative, innovative and flawless style, no matter how many times I have been featured on worst dressed lists. Every time I get dressed, there is passion and an eye for detail involved. Comfort, class, weather, time of day, time I will be gone from home, texture, hue, appropriate level of dressed up/down, activity, how it Read More