I don’t know why, but I wrote this in London, before I knew that Bronwyn was about to die. I just had the urge to get up and write. A few hours later, I heard that she had gone. I honestly feel this was her last message to me. I am not sure what I […]

I Went To “LylaPalooza”

I had to share this, this little one is a trip! So fun, watch me answer questions posed by a very bright and enlightened six-year-old, Lyla Butler! Watch my interview and check out her show here!

How To Make Your Dog Look Like a Rockstar

xo gudrun and bronwyn 2013

This originally appeared on I am extremely starstruck by my dogs, but I feel weird asking for autographs, mostly because they can’t hold a pen in their paw. Every once in awhile, they will pose for pictures, and if I am very quick about it, then they may allow for an easily put on […]

The Court Reporter

Have we discussed the dog petting position I like to call “The Court Reporter”? It’s a very good thing that I do almost every morning I am lucky enough to wake up at home. My big dog, Bronwyn, who is my older, loving Australian Cattle Dog mix, will follow me out of the warm bed […]

Petting 2

bronnie on her pillow

Bronnie sometimes acts like she doesn’t want to get petted. She sits by herself in a pretty satin pillow outside, blonde fur glinting red and gold in the sun, a warm smell of corn chips around her, as dog paws are fritos-like when heat is applied to them. She’s standoffish, a little bit cold, a […]

Good Dogs

There’s percolating sounds that a good dog makes when she is happy and healthy and sitting next to her mom and/or dad. It’s like these little wet noises of pleasure, that coincide with brief petting, getting those doggie endorphins going, hands between long limbs and touching the warmth within, like you are stoking a dog […]



Is there anything more exciting than new life. Dove is new as the morning dew and she’s not my dog, but a very welcome recurring guest star dog. She’s got that soft puppy fur that lays flat against her pink chicken-like body and needle sharp teeth she will sink right into the fleshy part of […]


There’s lots of adoptable dogs at the Los Angeles animal shelters right now, especially small ones, little Chihuahuas, deerheads and appleheads, kept many to a cage, as they seem to enjoy being together and are usually not kept in solitary, like the magnificent St Bernard or the majestic Pitbull. They run all over themselves, little […]


There are bites on me which are driving me crazy. I don’t think they are mosquito bites. They are out of season. Mosquitoes are a summer complaint, as I have seen them almost every year in Provincetown, flying low and slow, filled with my blood and heavy and probably half drunk from it. These you […]


bronnie 1

The face of her is grey, but she looks younger than she is, if you think about dogs and how they are 7 times older than people. Bronwyn was loved from the moment she walked in through my front door. She’d had a bit of trouble in her early life, before we met. Starved and […]



You were and have been and still are love of my life, even though you are to the rest of the world nothing but a dead dog. Isn’t that funny that my soul mate turned out to be an animal? It makes sense. I am just an animal too. Frankly, I think you got the […]

Dog Visits

dog visit 1

There’s some dog guests today at the house, which makes my dog children crazy and wild with excitement. New dog butts to sniff, unfamiliar tails to chase and everyone’s precious little hackles go up, making all the hair on their backs look like they’ve gelled them into tiny Mohawks. The thing about dogs is that […]