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Yes, I may be a lying pervert – according to the Westboro Baptist Church, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing St. Louis, and my lies and perversity get me invited to better parties frankly, so let’s just say that I am in it to win it and I am what I am and that is it.

We can make fun of the scary idiots of the “god hates fags” variety forever and never tire of it, but honestly it makes me sad. God doesn’t hate fags. God would never use those words, because – God hates HATE.

I was raised religious, known God for longer than anyone, and I say he isn’t bothered by homosexuality. He is the maker and the myth and the mind of all of it, and so why would he be against what is his own creation?

I see these poor children, holding up signs with odd slurs and even odder spelling and I think – how terrible – these full grown bullies are forcing their children into a life of hatred and homophobia and poor syntax. Give these kids a chance. They’re just kids. Wait til they’re older and start to hate in earnest. All the rage shoved into them before they could even walk and talk will come right back up and there will be hell to pay.

You can’t warn people about hatred I guess. They will hate what they will hate and there isn’t any logical or humane explanation for any of it.

One of my television heroes, Louis Theroux, brilliant son of brilliant Paul, did a documentary where he bravely went and actually lived with the Fred Phelps clan, learned all the youngster’s names, watched distant and respectful as they continued their legally questionable and publicity-starved goofball protests. He questioned their motives but was also strangely and warmly welcomed into their homes. He sat at their table and watched them through his British American glasses and he didn’t change anyone’s mind but he brought cameras in to see that what was mostly happening is that the children were doing most of the work, making and carrying hate filled signs before they could even really read.

How about “god hates child exploitation”? wouldn’t that be more appropriate?

Anyway, they say they will be protesting my show in St. Louis, the venerable and historic city that I haven’t been to in years. I am celebrating my return to the arch by timing it perfectly with this summer’s exciting gay pride festivities, and don’t think for a second that their protests will put even the slightest damper on our party.

12 thoughts on “St. Louis

  1. They are the ones who are lying perverts. My partner and I are going to be at the show in STL..we have been waiting 9 years to see you live. We will act like rational human brings, and Fred Phelps and the WBC will be shown for the sad brings that they are.

    Cannot wait to see you rock STL!

  2. Me again…how the heck can we buy backstage passes? You are our comedy heroine….want to ask my bf to marry me at your show!


  3. In interviews I’ve seen Fred seems like an intelligent guy. I have this suspicion he got busted in a bathroom stall with another guy by his wife, kids or one of his church members and this is their response as a family. I mean he/they have to know at this point that all their protests have been this like reverse psychology boon to the gay civil rights movement, moreso than anything MLK or Malcolm X could have dreamed of. They’re still going to get seriously effed up protesting a funeral some day and God forbid those kids are with them when it happens.

  4. lifting the veil beyond trafficking and exploitation — remove plenty of things that will stop messing with the party as it becomes extremely exhausting when the veil keeps shadow and fraud creeping through.

  5. p.s. with all of that bearing false witness — there were many things swept under the rug as i worked with casino prostitutes in recovery apart from the temple hookers, thus, in my box i stared at another where the only channel was hot queer pornography since the trafficking became a grandmother’s contradicktion in terms.

  6. I am going to try to make one of the shows as VIP ticket if I can get one. If I don’t chicken out, haven’t been brave enough to get one yet.

  7. I can’t wait to see you live! Been following your act since I was in grade school in the early 90’s. I find that the ones that are the loudest about being christians act the least like one. They hate what they don’t understand instead of trying to accept what is different from them. If God wanted us to be all the same this would be such a boring non colorful world. My best friend is gay and he is one of the most good hearted individuals I have ever met in my life. He is a great example of a person that accepts everyone even the haters. I’m bringing him to the show tonight and we both are so excited. You’re a Queen! Happy Gay Pride!

  8. Oh, Margaret. <— which by the way would be a great title for your next one woman show.

    Its times like these when I truly admire your stand up and work diligently to try and follow in your footsteps.

    The positive impact you've made upon our planet is a rare feat accomplished by few, keep doing what you do and I can't wait to see your new show when its hits the West Coast later this Fall.


  9. I’m still a little mad and a little sad that I missed your show here in St. Louis on Saturday and when you showed up at the Pridefest as well. I was so looking forward to it but of course, some people aren’t as dependable as I’d like them to be. I hope you come back soon!!!


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