Asian Adjacent music video!

This gem of a video was directed by Tani Ikeda and stars me and Grant Lee Phillips and some amazing dancers! We shot this in downtown LA in July on a single soundstage – really like an old school MTV music video and it was very exciting to be styled in all these incredible looks and costumes. I really love when Grant is in the cage – very goth and ominous! During the sushi scene I ended up eating a piece of tuna that had been on my leg for several hours, and it had warmed up to my body temperature. There was no soy sauce on it or anything, and it seemed to have my body odor as well as some lotion and glitter on it, and I ended up eating it and then I couldn’t think about anything else for the entire day except that I ate it. I didn’t actually get sick from it, but it was a pretty intense fish experience. I haven’t had sushi since. But I love this video and this song. Much thanks to the incredibly talented Tani and Grant and everyone in this video!

Margaret Cho – Asian Adjacent – featuring Grant Lee Phillips from Margaret Cho on Vimeo.

“Asian Adjacent” is from Margaret’s Grammy-nominated comedy music album, “Cho Dependent.”
Get the song on iTunes here.
Get it on CD or Vinyl with automatic download of the whole album, from Margaret!

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