Where There Is No Freedom

Margaret and Damien. Photos by Kirk Miller The people in Little Rock are friendly, alarmingly so. The politeness and hospitality here borders on invasive. Everyone is a guest in their state, and you are treated accordingly, lest you forget it. We are welcomed with questions and curious smiles. It is strange, especially coming from a […]

On Our Way to Death Row

We are on our way to visit Damien Echols in Arkansas, where he is on death row. Working for freedom is not easy, especially in a nation that is so committed to being desperately unfree. I will update you on our progress.

Poem 46 by Damien Echols

Choosing a last meal seems to require tremendous deliberation I’ve witnessed it many times

Poem 38 by Damien Echols

If there are ghosts then this is their perfect place 27 executions in 10 years and everyone watches to see who is next

Video Interview with wm3.org Creators

Note from Team Cho: Margaret interviews Grove Pashley, Kathy Bakken, and Burk Sauls from www.wm3.org, about the West Memphis Three. (Click here for low bandwidth version.)

From Damien

An entry from Death row in Arkansas, our dear friend Damien Echols: Our windows here are these tiny slits from which you can’t see much of anything. Last night I was lying on my bunk when I noticed there was a little more light in here than usual. I started looking out the window, trying […]

No They Didn’t

Omni Hotels stopped payment on the check. I said I would not accept their money after they turned the microphone off after a few minutes of my performance. The fact they would censor my words was so appalling, that I didn’t want their ‘silence the truth’ germs to get on me. So, I donated all […]

They Turned Off The Mic

I did a gig last Saturday night, not really something that unusual, but it was not my typical show. It was a corporate convention, the kind I normally avoid even though there are extravagant sums to be made, because I hate the atmosphere at those events. However, this was booked by a friend, was in […]

Our Man Inside

get a pretty good account of prisoner abuse that doesn’t get photographed, that happens daily, most likely in correctional facilities all over – America. I asked chief correspondent, our man inside, Damien Echols, what it is like where he lives. He has a good sense of humor about his situation, but it makes it nonetheless […]

Damien Echols II

Here is a portion of the letter I got from Damien Echols today. “…for the past two weeks I’ve been writing non stop. I had started writing my memoirs several months ago, but haven’t worked on it since. I picked up my pen a couple of weeks ago and it began to flow. I’ve been […]

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown is so fine. And I think that he treated himself to some new glasses. I am not positive, because they are strikingly similar to the last terrifically flattering pair, but since I watch him fairly obsessively, I knew there was something different, that I could not really put my finger on, until my […]