Freedom for WM3

I am so excited and relieved and thrilled that the West Memphis Three have been freed. It’s something of a miracle that justice has been finally been served. I am slowly learning the details. I have invited Lorri and Damien over for a visit. I wonder what everything is like for them right now. I am sure this is going to be an Read More

A little WM3 News

A little West Memphis Three news:

I am so glad they walked out. John Fogleman is the last person who should be seeking an office like this.

From the Arkansas News:

More than a dozen protesters, unhappy with the way John Fogleman prosecuted three men for the 1993 murders of three West Memphis 8-year-olds walked out of Read More

WM3 Update

I just got this from Lorri Davis. Its been such a long and painful journey with the WM3. I want to see them free so badly, as do so many many people. I know the economy is fucked up, things are weird and scary, but think about how much we have compared to these guys. They’ve been in prison all this time. Can you imagine? Read More

Life After Death

Hey, our friend Damien is on the cover of the LA City Beat!

Echols’s current attorney, noted San Francisco defense lawyer Dennis Riordan, was retained in 2004. He says: “The thing that led me to take this case was the startling sense that, in a death penalty case, there just wasn’t any credible evidence that connected him to the crime. You Read More

Damein’s Artwork

“Echols creating his master key from the low quality lock: An Introduction to Damien’s artwork” – By Anje Vela and Lady Monster

On May 12th, 2006 Damien Echols’ artwork will be premiered at San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery. Dubbing the show “Skeleton Key”, Damien Echols has taken part in helping with the production of his own event to raise funds for his defense.

This one-night-only event Read More

Damien / WM3 Update: Audio

We visited our friend Lorri Davis in Little Rock. I couldn’t get in to see Damien because he isn’t allowed visitors on the weekend, which was a terrible disappointment. Things are going really well in the case right now, and maybe the next time we are all together will be when they come visit me!

Listen (MP3 here) to Lorri, Damien’s Read More