Intervention Video is Here!

I love this video and this song with Tegan and Sara. We shot it in Houston on a brief moment where all of us were free. Louis Van Amstel makes a fun little cameo too as we were right in the midst of “Dancing with the Stars” madness. Liam Sullivan directed this gem of a Read More

A Different Kind of Wedding Dress

I love this! Please vote for it in KoreAm’s Kpop video remake contest!

Voting link:

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From: Elena Chang
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:33:03 -0500
Subject: first queer korean remake of a kpop video

hello margaret cho & team !!!

My name is Elena, also a member of Q-Wave (queer women of asian descent for visibility & empowerment)
I Read More

Lice video is out – featuring Ben Lee!

I wrote this song with Ben Lee who I absolutely worship. He helped me so much with the album and I can never thank him enough. He send me the instrumental when I was in Morocco last year, and recovering from a rather mild case of head lice. I didn’t know what the song was yet, but then I thought, Read More

It Gets Better

Here’s a video I made for Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project…this is such an important issue and its all about the kids!

I Love This Dog

I love this dog:

I am using this dog as my inspiration for Dancing with the Stars. I think that if I can do just as well as this dog does in this very intricate dance I will win the competition.

What I love about it is that we don’t think that the dog can do it, and that’s what people are saying about me. They don’t Read More

I’m Sorry – Featuring Andrew Bird

Many days I have spent on the road, locked in a silent communion with my ipod, and listening, exclusively, for days and days on end, to Andrew Bird. Of course, it’s a toss up to what my favorite album is, but the one that gets the most overall plays is Armchair Apocrypha. When I start it, the opening riff of Read More