I Love This Dog

I love this dog:

I am using this dog as my inspiration for Dancing with the Stars. I think that if I can do just as well as this dog does in this very intricate dance I will win the competition.

What I love about it is that we don’t think that the dog can do it, and that’s what people are saying about me. They don’t Read More

Everything à la Mode

I have open, weeping sores on my feet, but I am getting it. Slowly the dancing is creeping into my body. It’s not easy, but I am feeling better and less sore than I was. Last week was incredible. I couldn’t even move my legs. it was straight from rehearsal to bed and back and forth. My muscles were so sore they would radiate heat Read More

My Whole Body Hurts

I am at “Dancing with the Stars” rehearsal 2 hours early because I live so far from the studio and I don’t have time to go home in between appointments. Its crazy. There’s paparazzi outside – NOT taking my picture!! That is totally fine by me. I have serious cameltoe right now and it’s only the beginning. I predict that Read More

Margaret’s on Dancing With the Stars!

I’m so excited to be doing Dancing With The Stars, but I’ve got a lot to learn. I’ve got some mean stripper moves and I can pick up a dollar with my butt, however the Viennese Waltz is all new for me! I’ve been training with my partner for three days now and I can’t believe how much my body Read More

Drop Dead Diva: International Air Dates

Check out Drop Dead Diva all over the world!

Airing NOW…

Canada (on Showcase)  
Season 1

Denmark (Sunday on TV3)
Season 1

Germany (Monday @ 8:15pm on FOX)   
Season 1

Middle East (Saturday @ 9pm on SHOWTIME)   
Season 1

South Korea (Wednesday & Thursday @ 8pm on TVN)
Season 1: titled:”Change Diva”

Turkey (Tuesday @ 21:00 on FOXlife)

UK (Thursday Read More