True Colors 08

The True Colors tour made a stop at Radio City Music Hall last week and it was incredible!!! I am not hosting the show this year, but Carson Kressley is doing an awesome job as host, which is great. I think it is the hardest job on the tour, because you have to keep the audience entertained between the set Read More


Here is a shot I took of Andy Bell of Erasure at their show at The Grove in Anaheim on Saturday. Erasure are the greatest! I miss seeing them every night on the True Colors Tour.

I still can’t believe True Colors is over, but I did get to open for Erasure in Anaheim. Look at how cute!!

Thank You Cyndi

When the record “She’s So Unusual” came out, it utterly changed my life. I was completely head over heels in love with Cyndi Lauper, this tiny, twinkling little songbird, with titian red hair and a crimson corset, wearing more belts than I could count, looking like a fox on fire, with this VOICE that you knew you would always be with you from that moment Read More

True Colors Break

Taking a little break. On my way home finally. I am really excited about doing laundry. My whole bag smells like a clump of seaweed that you would really avoid stepping in on the beach. Like with dead jellyfish and garbage all in it.

A few words about ‘trannychasing.’ I am not a trannychaser. Ok, actually I am a trannychaser. No Read More

True Colors in Atlanta, Dallas & Houston

My feets is hurtin…I have some wide ass feet. They are beautiful, with a graceful arch of instep and a dramatically deep sole, and dainty also, because I wear but a mere sliver of a size 7, but my feet are W-I-D-E and shit and so they are somewhat Fred Flintstoney, with the width holding all of my weight steady. I could start a car Read More

True Colors Clog Blog

I have been working so hard, on my feet so many hours a day, running back and forth hosting this huge show and shooting footage in between for The Cliks and The Dresden Dolls that my clogs died. Look at the chip in the heel! It is fucking wood and shit and it is chipping! I got new clogs. And now my old clogs are Read More