There isn’t much I hate more than getting up early, yet I do it with constancy that belies my true feeling. I come to consciousness a mess, face swollen, mind deeply entrenched still in a dream, eyes a rabbity red that looks painful because it is. I require great quantities of caffiene and will fill my bucket with anything bearing the promise of making me Read More


The hour that gives me the most difficulty is 2pm.

I am good in the mornings. The sunrise is ever hopeful, the strange way you can tell light is new, the way it comes at you, shy through the trees. Yes I love mornings, because it’s another chance, you get another stab at it, whatever it is. Nothing bad has occurred really in the early hours Read More

Eating on Planes

There is a hunger felt on planes that feels irrational and uncontrollable. What is it about flying high in the sky in shiny metal tubes that makes my stomach growl like a beast? Does altitude affect blood sugar or is that I am so high off the ground I am trying to root myself by experiencing the most basic and true earthly pleasure of eating? Read More



Im in London and it’s cold, so very cold I don’t know how anyone can stand it. It’s the kind of chill that would break your ears off. I have gloves in my bag but I use my hands too much to put them on for any length of time so essentially they are useless. Other than the weather, I love London and I could Read More


Cho Tibet

Over a decade ago, which in that paradoxical way seems like another lifetime and also just yesterday, I made a pilgrimage to Tibet. It was the trendy new age thing to do, for moneyed, jaded, guiltily successful and therefore spiritual people (actually I was the only one like that on this particular journey, everyone else was really cool). Follow the path clearly marked by Hollywood Read More


I spent some lucky days in Paris on my own. A big treat, as I usually travel with others – and fantastic, hilarious, inspiring, debauched others, which is joyous and wonderful but it’s a rare beautiful moment that I am by myself. The hotel I originally booked wouldn’t let me check in, and after almost running over a fresh and fully formed dog shit pile Read More


I bought some perfume in Cannes. I was walking around, there was a heat wave, so everyone had to be practically naked. Because of my tattoos I had been publicly assaulted numerous times. I don’t know why but the world seems to entitle itself to grope heavily tattooed women. Sometimes, it was charming, but that was in direct proportion to the attractiveness of the attacker. Read More