Venice is a kind of magic city, where the Grand Canal reflects its near impossible beauty. The water seems like theme park water, shallow and glassy, uninhabitable, a steampunky green Jules Verne imagined color, like 20,000 leagues below, you might meet a giant octopus. I ride the vaporetto like any typical tourist, hanging onto the […]


Lately, I have been staycationed (as opposed to stationed, as I am not really doing anything in particular) in Portland, OR, a city where I have never lived but have visited often over the years. The immense paper and printed church of reading, or Powell’s, as it is known by name, always gave me at […]


London, beloved city where today I make my restless home – it’s a unique place for sure. There was a slight burst of sun today, breaking through the thick clouds, hope for the weary and vitamin D deprived. I walk quickly, through the ever wet and steamy streets of Soho, feeling werewolf but looking more […]

Fish and Chips

British food is my ruin – it is that good. I don’t know why there has been a long standing idea that British cuisine is not sophisticated and delicious. It’s so goddamnned good and it’s my favorite. All the expressions of it are amazing, from the simple pub fare like cheese and pickle sandwiches and […]


Paris is a magical city, which has more to do with the people and all the parts that make up a land. It’s less the buildings than what houses them, what happens in them, what is said, what is done, what is eaten, what is seen and worn. I’d live here if I could, and […]


portsmouth, nh

These tour days are so short. We drive to the city we are playing, our little band of sisters, be in Portsmouth, NH/Ridgefield, CT/Concord, NH/Portland, ME/Burlington, VT – this week is New England’s turn to be wherever, we get to the hotel for a 2 hour bout of fighting with the snooze buttons on our […]

Delicious NYC

I have been eating as much as possible and it seems to me to be the right thing, as it’s all odd immigrant childhood foods, undeniable and irresistible and full of history as well as calories. Made many trips out in NYC this week for these tempting things, like al jjiggae, which is a hot […]

Paris Medical Museum

paris museum

In Paris, there’s a little hidden museum, not famous really, but spectacular and special all the same. It silently displays its artifacts without docents or headsets, explaining the exhibit to each visitor as they walk through. There’s no fanfare, no big billboards promoting its existence, no guest books to sign and definitely no guest book […]


I get tired sometimes, with early call times for work and long commutes that can be measured in flights not drives. It’s better if I don’t drive, as I have had my eyes open for long enough that purple iridescent blotches appear in my line of sight. The purple creates even more blind spots, blocking […]


There isn’t much I hate more than getting up early, yet I do it with constancy that belies my true feeling. I come to consciousness a mess, face swollen, mind deeply entrenched still in a dream, eyes a rabbity red that looks painful because it is. I require great quantities of caffiene and will fill […]


The hour that gives me the most difficulty is 2pm. I am good in the mornings. The sunrise is ever hopeful, the strange way you can tell light is new, the way it comes at you, shy through the trees. Yes I love mornings, because it’s another chance, you get another stab at it, whatever […]