“The Cho Show” – Episode 2 Tomorrow at 11pm

Thanks so much for watching “The Cho Show” last week!! Please tune in for the second episode on Thursday night at 11pm on Vh1. We want the chance to make a second season, and we need you to keep watching to help us do it!

Come join our family.

Love, Margaret

News and Observer
‘Cho Show’ shocks by being sweet

By Danny Hooley

“The most fun reality series about a star’s family since season one of MTV’s The Osbournes.”

“Cho finally has her day, her say, and don’t forget, “her gay.” She makes the most of this opportunity, and so should we.”

The dramatic hook of comedian Margaret Cho’s new VH1 reality series “The Cho Show” is that she finally gets to right the wrongs of “All American Read More

The LA Times
Review: ‘The Cho Show’

by Robert Lloyd

“Good-natured reality entourage sitcom.”

“Benefits to no end from the presence of Cho’s parents.”

We have come to the time when starring in a reality show no longer means you have exhausted all the other options — that you, the star, might represent a reasonably well-functioning, otherwise successful human being rather than the sort of train wreck that the form initially seemed to favor and Read More

The Star Telegram
“VH1 show allows irreverent Cho to act naturally”


Finally a reason to tune in.”

“Cho is finally doing her own thing, her own uncharted way. And she’s a pioneer and a role model — X-rated potty mouth and all.”

Celebrity reality shows assault us from every corner of our cable box — Corey, Tori, Hogan, Snoop and Denise Richards. But now, thanks to Margaret Cho, there’s finally a reason to tune in to Read More

USA Today
“Margaret Cho returns to TV on her terms this time”

By Gary Strauss, USA TODAY

Margaret Cho hopes her new TV foray is more satisfying than her last one — 14 years ago.

The actress and comedian stars in VHI’s The Cho Show (tonight, 11 ET/PT), her first series since 1994’s short-lived ABC sitcom All-American Girl, an experience from which the outspoken San Francisco native still appears to be recovering…

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