I bought some perfume in Cannes. I was walking around, there was a heat wave, so everyone had to be practically naked. Because of my tattoos I had been publicly assaulted numerous times. I don’t know why but the world seems to entitle itself to grope heavily tattooed women. Sometimes, it was charming, but that was in direct proportion to the attractiveness of the attacker. Read More

Portrait by Shawn Barber

Here’s my wonderful portrait by the incredible Shawn Barber!

Mike Davis is tattooing me in the painting! Its so fucking awesome I scream with joy whenever I look at it.

Love Shawn Barber so much!!!!

San Francisco

Recently, I put my guitar away and put my directing clothes on, which consist of a black hoodie, dark rinse skinny jeans and black Nikes – and started work on Jill Sobule’s video for her song “San Francisco” from her beautiful new album “The California Years.” Jill and I have been friends for some time, and I have always wanted to work with Read More

New Tattoo from Mike Davis

I got this tattoo from this man. This is Mike Davis. We spent many hours together in his shop – EVERLASTING TATTOO in San Francisco. It rules. He rules. If you want a tattoo, go there, bitch.

I look fucken hot, except for the bruising…

My Crane

Yay! I got a tattoo from amazing artist Chris O’Donnell! He is so incredible and I love my tattoo so much! I know I look like I am not enjoying myself but it really wasn’t so bad. And Chris is hell of fine!!!

Kat Von D Tattoo

I just got an amazing tattoo from Kat Von D on her show ‘LA Ink.’ I have been a fan for a long time and I am so excited to finally have it done. Kat is incredible and totally nice and funny and fun. We had an awesome time and it didn’t even hurt because Read More