Aroma Smells Like Bigotry

Aroma Spa & Sports

This is a really beautiful Korean spa in Los Angeles. Korean spas are wonderful, and they hold a special place in my heart. I have been going to the jijilbang since I was a little girl in Korea. You can have a bath and a scrub and a sauna and usually a meal and other spa treatments if you like, and aroma Read More


What is up with cops lately? It seems like they are up on me and I haven’t the slightest clue why this is going on. I came home last night from a very late tattoo session, and it was Friday yes, but I hadn’t had anything to drink but warmish water, as I laid over a table for several hours with my chin and neck Read More


I finally got my hands on Beverly Yuen Thompson’s wonderful documentary about heavily tattooed women, “Covered” and I was so excited. It’s a fantastic film and it had special resonance for me because it featured quite a few asian women talking about their experiences and especially focused on their parents reactions.

My parents have been preparing for my tattoos since I Read More

American Electric Tattoo

My friend Michelle Carr is beautiful, and whenever I see her, I must beg her to let me gawk at her chest. She kindly pulls down or unbuttons or unzips whatever she is wearing and allows me a full blown uninterrupted stare at the most gorgeous tattoo I have ever seen (and of course her lovely ivory cleavage makes the ink seem to glow like Read More

Thanks Memoir Tattoo

ralph-watercolor- Shawn Barber

Art drives my life and keeps me going. I think about art all the time, in the fashion of making art, being with artists, collecting art, being a work of art. Art is everything and my childhood and my adulthood combined. I grew up around painters wanting to be like them, wanting to get tattooed like them and I am now in the company of Read More

Tattoo Age

I am getting a tattoo today, and it makes me feel wildly emotional. I have been getting lots of work done lately, all in areas that are fairly undetectable; stomach and back, thighs and ribs, back of legs, inner arms – moving down towards my knees now. It seems that people don’t think you are tattooed if you keep your forearms and hands and neck Read More

My New Tattoo

Eddy Deutsche, just one of my amazing tattoo artists, had a magnificent beast of a dog, Hodji. An all black Newfoundland, with glossy long fur and a massive head. He was the noblest of creatures, and quite a comforting presence, calming those with needle anxiety, resting his impressive maw on shaking limbs and touching noses as if he could heal, and I am sure he Read More