BuzzFeed: Margaret Cho is Here, Queer, and Taking Questions About Anything

BuzzFeed Margaret Cho

“I’ve always wanted to ejaculate, but that has never happened,” Cho, host of All About Sex, told BuzzFeed News.



“I can’t believe she bit off his whole nipple!” Margaret Cho said, affecting shock, while filming a short promo for her new TLC late-night talk show All About Sex.

“I can’t believe she bit off the entire nipple,” Cho said during the next take.

They went again. “She Read More

Sex Advice

My advice to young women about sex – well that’s an interesting thing. I have had a great deal of sex in my life, yet not a lot of people ask me sex advice. Perhaps its because I complain a bunch about it and nobody likes a squeaky wheel although it does get the grease. I don’t know. I have it less lately, more because Read More

Sex Party Food

I have been to many sex parties since my sex career has been fairly long and tumultuous. I think what the truth is that unfortunately I don’t like sex much, or I like it too much and so I have tried a number of things that don’t suit me and sex parties is one of them. I like the idea of them but I also Read More


I have never gotten comfortable with having group sex even though I have done it a number of times. More than what I can count on my fingers and toes, which dishonors them for all their hard work. It did make my hands strong for guitar and motorcycle, but as for getting anything out of it besides having lots of sex I came up empty Read More

San Francisco

Recently, I put my guitar away and put my directing clothes on, which consist of a black hoodie, dark rinse skinny jeans and black Nikes – and started work on Jill Sobule’s video for her song “San Francisco” from her beautiful new album “The California Years.” Jill and I have been friends for some time, and I have always wanted to work with Read More

Liberate the Vagina Show

There are few things I hate more than ignorance and one of them is overly cold air conditioning during the winter. I am one of those people who is always cold. I am freezing all the time. My hands and feet are like blocks of ice and during the winter I am always completely bundled up head to toe. I think I must be part Read More

Regarding Palin

I am being accused of sexually objectifying Sarah Palin, and I did it because I think it is funny – mostly because she is anti-gay, and would like people like me to be sent to a camp where we can study the bible with other gays and lesbians and have electrodes placed on our privates Read More

A Sexy Combo

American Apparel is probably the store I shop at the most. They are ubiquitous, with branches in every shopping area in every city I go to, and I can’t have enough leggings or boy briefs in bright 80s colors. American Apparel reminds me of an 80s store called “Units” which was all cotton lycra separates in coordinating colors that you could mix and match and Read More

Donut Pussy

I had a new procedure called the “G-Shot,” which is kind of like plastic surgery, kind of a body modification – but you don’t see it. It is on the inside. It isn’t something I would necessarily normally do, because I am very happy with my vagina the way it is. It is one of the finest in the world, and really needs little embellishment. Read More