Pace Press
Comic Gives a lot More Than a Lesson on Body Image Margaret Cho’s New Variety Show Celebrates Bodies of all Shapes and Sizes


“There are few comedians who can get away with what Cho easily captures. Her rough-around-the-edges attitude is adorably contrasted by her ability to relate to every audience member with ease.”

“It’s Margaret, bitch!”

Armed, dangerous and flanked by sleeve tattoos, Margaret Cho comes prepared for another battle of the C.H.O. Revolution at The Zipper Factory in her outrageous burlesque-style variety show, The Sensuous Woman.

This particular Read More

Thanks Jeff

Here is an awesome piece from my very old friend Jeff Yang……we go way back, like waaaaaay back, like time machine back. Thanks a lot, Jeff!

NY Press
TOUCH ME, FEEL ME: ‘The Sensuous Woman’ Scores in the Erogenous Zone


“Margaret Cho’s burlesque-cum-variety act is worth every hoot and catcall, not only for her zinger-filled standup, but for the freewheeling sexual demagoguery of the whole enterprise.”

Sometimes ads go up online for writers to review porn films and websites, and you have to wonder what criteria one might use. “The camera work was redolent of a John Ford western”? Or do you draw parallels Read More

Timeout New York
“PUTTIN’ ON THE TITS Cho and co bare more than wit”

By Trav S.D.

One wondered how long it would take the burlesque revivalists to remember that the form is as much about comedians as exotic dancers. It may be a show-business first that, in her new variety show, The Sensuous Woman, Margaret Cho reveals herself to be both; she spins pasties and one-liners with equal aplomb.

Beyond that, she also proves herself to be something of a Read More

Washington Square News
Margaret Cho and friends get a little too ‘Sensuous’


“90 minutes of fleshy hilarity that will make you turn to your neighbor and whisper, “Oh my God, is this really happening?”

Throughout Margaret Cho’s career as a stand-up comedian, she has always operated under one guiding principle: If she shocks the hell out of you, you will laugh. Well, that principle stands in “The Sensuous Woman,” which is a wickedly funny, self-proclaimed Read More


Rosie came to our show and then we went to her art opening. Simply amazing paintings…she is such an incredible artist.

I just finished her book “Celebrity Detox.” I loved it, a deeply moving and fascinating read. I don’t know how she has time to do it all! She is an inspiration!!!!!

Chelsea Now
Margaret Cho unzips at the Zipper Factory ‘The Sensuous Woman’ is not for the uptight


“With Cho as mistress of ceremonies, “The Sensuous Woman” feels like a variety show from the Golden Age of Television, only dirtier and gayer.”

If you enjoyed Janet Jackson’s performance at the Super Bowl a few years back, you’ll love Margaret Cho’s new burlesque show “The Sensuous Woman,” now playing at the Zipper Factory. It’s two hours of wardrobe malfunctions — all of them Read More

Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman: Good Clean Sex


“….a happy and healthy dose of body positive antics that are so sweet, silly and approachable you can have a great time while completely forgetting to be aroused.”

“I always wanted to do Donny and Marie… at the same time,” says Margaret Cho at the top of her Off-Broadway revue, The Sensuous Woman. And though the cheery ninety minute spectacle contains no hot Osmond Read More