I don’t know why, but I wrote this in London, before I knew that Bronwyn was about to die. I just had the urge to get up and write. A few hours later, I heard that she had gone. I honestly feel this was her last message to me. I am not sure what I will do without her now. So, as odd as this Read More

Susan Tyrrell RIP

It was a tremendous honor for me to meet Susan Tyrrell. She pumped my shaky nervous hand up and down, hazy in my memory as this was now many years ago, at a very late night party thrown at her eccentrically decorated home, a glassy and brassy 60s affair filled with keane paintings and pixie figurines fashioned into lamps, burning Read More


All my love to the families and friends of the Mount Everest hikers who lost their lives. The tragedy is made more heartbreaking because all we are trying to do is go up, rise up, get up, see how far we can – just see.

I think about the Himalayas and my mouth gets immediately dry and my lips crack. My body holds the memory of Read More

Donna Summer

It’s devastating I know, and I can say nothing to help, yet, I am always going to try. Even though nothing can be done, I will always try to do something. That is the kind I am.

I never met Donna Summer, but my good friend Prince Poppycock sang with her, and I was always jealous of him for that. Her voice was the sound of Read More

Whitney Houston

I love this. It’s Whitney Houston’s first tv appearance.

Whitney’s nervous, I think, but that doesn’t affect her performance in the least. She looks perfect, her nerves just adding to her innocence and vulnerability.

I remember my first television appearance. It was MTV’s half hour comedy hour. The makeup artists had to mix a new foundation because they didn’t have one that readily matched my skin tone. Read More

Dick Clark – New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

this is a repost – to say RIP my old friend

In 1994, I co-hosted Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and we filmed that shit nowhere near New Years. It was like in July or something really early like that. The show was shot in different locations and put together in post like a quilt, but I remember my patch was done at a big Read More


I am broken up by Whitney Houston’s death. I just watched her sing the star spangled banner, the video passed around in the last few weeks, mostly as a reaction to Steven Tyler’s recent rendition, which I didn’t think was so bad. It’s a hard song to sing. Why don’t you try it? I can’t even get to any of the high parts, no matter Read More

Don Cornelius


I’m grieving over Don Cornelius. I loved soul train, and although it went toe to toe in the same late Saturday morning time slot as American Bandstand, Soul Train always won out. I’d watch the show and try to keep up with the gorgeous kids on the dance floor, wishing I could be one of them instead of myself, desperately wanting out of my body Read More

RIP Natalie Wood

The most beautiful of all the celebrities, of probably all time, was Natalie Wood. The strange mystery surrounding her death made her almost more beautiful, if such were possible, like Marilyn or Anna Nicole, or maybe just even Nicole Brown Simpson or yeah, I should probably say it, Jon Benet. Their deaths, the lurid fascination and fear of our own mortality, coupled with the idea Read More

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

I am sad to hear about Amy Winehouse. It’s really awful. I didn’t know her, but I loved her music, and her incredible voice, and although she was very young, her eyes looked out from an ancient soul. That deep, rich well of sadness where she drew her startling contralto from, the dark depths of her humor and tragedy – seemed like it had been Read More