Pinterest 2

TT pin

I am proud of my Pinterest boards and I pore over them. I think it’s feeding a similar impulse to the vast collections of stickers I would see girls in my grade school amass, huge books filled with adhesive dreams and wishes, aspirations and goals, fantasies and fancies, ready to apply. It can feel obsessive […]

Taste the Linsanity

If there had been an open container of ‘Taste the Lin-sanity’, the racially lin-sensitive ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerry’s, right in front of me, I would have been offended, but I still would have wanted to try it. I do like a vanilla-lychee blend, it’s kind of Eurasian or Africa by way of […]

Asian Adjacent and The Business of Cho by Grant-Lee Phillips

Few people have the supernatural powers of persuasion of Margaret Cho. After collaborating on music for Cho Dependent, she got me to strum the very exotic and scatological “Shit-Tar” in her music video Eat Shit & Die while three dancing turds did high kicks about the stage. This summer I found myself in a small […]

Asian Adjacent music video!

This gem of a video was directed by Tani Ikeda and stars me and Grant Lee Phillips and some amazing dancers! We shot this in downtown LA in July on a single soundstage – really like an old school MTV music video and it was very exciting to be styled in all these incredible looks […]

The World I Would Like To Live In

I attended a special event at the White House to celebrate Asian American history month, which I never know when it is. I am guessing it is May because this is May. But to me every month is Asian history month mostly because I am in a constant state of learning about it and myself […]

David Duke Cock

John Mayer is deeply sorry, and everyone is accepting it. Our society allows racism in people as long as there is an apology after. It’s better if it is tearful and really should be accompanied by an icon like Rev. Al Sharpton or Bishop Desmond Tutu in your corner, like they have your back. Like […]

Racist Camera

Now who uses cameras more than Asian people? Of course that is a racist and stereotypical assumption, but I am Asian and I am allowed to make racist and stereotypical assumptions as they refer to me! I am mostly a videographer myself, but many, many, many members of my family are straight up photo addicted. […]

White House Crashers

I am convinced those people got into that white house state dinner because they are white. I attended a state dinner during the Clinton administration and they did such a thorough background check before I was even allowed to RSVP that I was coming I thought they were going to ask me for a stool […]

Let My People Go

I am very concerned about Euna Lee and Laura Ling, the American journalists for Current TV who just got sentenced to 12 years in a North Korean labor camp. It’s alarming and terrible. I could easily see myself in their position. You are trying to do your job and then you get caught up in […]

The Last Airbender is The Last Straw

I am never surprised when Hollywood takes a story with Asian characters and casts white people instead of Asians. This is so typical and happens with such frequency! I always thought that in order to make our presence known in entertainment, we should be writing, bringing our dreams and realities to the cinema, but now […]

What part of KO do you not understand?

OK, this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. The name she had a problem with was Ko. What part of “KO” do you not understand? – Is it the “k” or the “o”? It’s Ko, dummy. You do not need to learn Chinese to say it. Just open your dumb mouth and […]

Oh Miley

I am so upset by Miley Cyrus, I think it warrants a song! Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes Standing behind an Asian guy I don’t know if this should fly As if there wasn’t enough to despise I wasn’t necessarily a fan of Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana I tend to prefer the […]