HAVE YOU HEARD?! I have a PODCAST. THE MARGARET CHO on Earios (a bad ass woman owned podcast network). I really think it would be good for you to have my voice in your ear talking about all sorts of things while you clean your house or drive in soul crushing traffic,” says Margaret. “ It wouldn’t […]

Monsters of Talk Ep 7 & Video

Episode 7 is up now! Look at this amazing preview by Jim Short! Listen to the full episode: Twitter: @MonstersofTalk @MargaretCho @Jimmeshelter Listen & Subscribe on SoundCloud & Itunes

Margaret’s New Podcast: Monsters of Talk

Margaret Cho started a new podcast with comedian Jim Short and the new name is Monsters of Talk. If you missed the first episode you can find it HERE.  Here are episodes 2 & 3 with guest Selene Luna!     Subscribe: Feedburner: SoundCloud: Also available on itunes. 

New Podcast with Jim Short

I just started a podcast with Jim Short! Let me know what you think! PS. We changed the name to Monsters of Talk