Pre-Order Margaret’s “Cho Dependent” Album Today!

Margaret’s brand new album, Cho Dependent, featuring comedy songs with Ben Lee, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Brendan Benson, Jon Brion, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey, Ani DiFranco, Tommy Chong, Grant Lee Phillips, Rachael Yamagata and Andrew Bird, will be available in stores August 24th!

You can get an immediate download of the album today by supporting Margaret in her online Album Read More

Are you Cho Dependent? Join Margaret’s Street Team!

Margaret needs your help! Cho Dependent hits stores on August 24th and her tour kicks off August 26th! We’re looking for fans who want to join the team and help spread the word. Of course you’ll be hooked up for helping. By working with us, you’re automatically entering for a chance to win tickets to Margaret’s show! You’ll be rewarded for Read More

Cho Dependent Album Art and Release Date

Cho Dependent, Margaret’s new comedy music album with several musical guests, is set to be released on August 24th.

“I have wanted to make an album like this forever. I love comedy music!”

The lyrics on Cho Dependent, which tackle issues of sex, drugs, rock & roll (and lice), may be laugh-inducing, but Cho has made no compromises when it comes to the quality of Read More

Cho Dependent Tour Announcement

We’re excited to announce that this fall, Margaret will be hitting the road with a brand new national stand-up tour, Cho Dependent. Margaret’s new tour will feature new stand-up and a few live performances of songs on her forthcoming comedy music album of the same name.

Margaret at Bonnaroo!

Margaret will be at Bonnaroo on the Comedy Theatre stage next week along with an amazing comedy lineup, which includes Conan O’Brien, Aziz Ansari, Doug Benson and more!

Margaret’s set times:

Thurs. June 10th 10:30pm & 12:30am

Fri. June 11th 3:30pm & 5:30pm

This is an extra Read More

Drop Dead Diva Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Drop Dead Diva is available for pre-order! It includes a fab cover of “Would I Lie to You” with Brooke Elliot, Kate Levering and me! Also on the soundtrack is my new wave collaboration with Ben Lee, “Restraining Order.” It’s so awesome!

The Drop Dead Diva soundtrack will be available June 1st, but you can pre-order it on Read More

Drop Dead Diva: International Air Dates

Check out Drop Dead Diva all over the world!

Airing NOW…

Canada (on Showcase)  
Season 1

Denmark (Sunday on TV3)
Season 1

Germany (Monday @ 8:15pm on FOX)   
Season 1

Middle East (Saturday @ 9pm on SHOWTIME)   
Season 1

South Korea (Wednesday & Thursday @ 8pm on TVN)
Season 1: titled:”Change Diva”

Turkey (Tuesday @ 21:00 on FOXlife)

UK (Thursday Read More

The Bear Song is coming

April 5th brings the release of The Bear Song by Pixie Herculon (half of which looks suspiciously like Jill Sobule). The song is a sweaty blur of old school dance floor beats and loads of back hair. Male back hair! It also features a brief but supercharged freestyle rap by Margaret (a friend to bears everywhere). You can hear a Read More