Lice video is out – featuring Ben Lee!

I wrote this song with Ben Lee who I absolutely worship. He helped me so much with the album and I can never thank him enough. He send me the instrumental when I was in Morocco last year, and recovering from a rather mild case of head lice. I didn’t know what the song was yet, but then I thought, Read More

Your Dick – with Ben Lee, Sam Shelton and Carl Newman

Carl Newman made the demo for “Your Dick” on the voice note recorder on my recently deceased Blackberry. Keep your iPhones and your apps. I don’t care if there’s a guitar tuner and chord finder on your iPhone. I am unimpressed by the fact you can turn your iPhone sideways and the picture elongates and enlarges. Keep your touchscreen and Read More

Eat Shit and Die – featuring Grant Lee Phillips

Sometimes you are just so heartbroken you just don’t know what to do. This is a dangerous moment in what seems like everyone’s life. It doesn’t have to be a romantic heartbreak, but this is usually what it is. It could be some other catastrophic disappointment, caused by the carelessness and selfishness of another. People are awful. I hate them and yet I cannot stop Read More

Baby I’m with the Band – featuring Brendan Benson

I have this weird problem of leaving food in my car. The worst was when an already finely ripened piece of bleu cheese fell out of my Trader Joe’s shopping bag and lodged itself underneath the passenger seat of my blue Mini Cooper. I didn’t smell it at first, and didn’t for many months. I often go on the road and leave my car Read More

Enemies – featuring Jon Brion

Making this record had much to do with being a regular at Largo, which is now Largo at the Coronet. The legendary nightclub has now moved to fancier new digs on La Cienega, but I have a soft spot for the old place on Fairfax. I started going sometime in the early 90s, first to perform at their Read More

I’m Sorry – Featuring Andrew Bird

Many days I have spent on the road, locked in a silent communion with my ipod, and listening, exclusively, for days and days on end, to Andrew Bird. Of course, it’s a toss up to what my favorite album is, but the one that gets the most overall plays is Armchair Apocrypha. When I start it, the opening riff of Read More

Pre-Order Margaret’s “Cho Dependent” Album Today!

Margaret’s brand new album, Cho Dependent, featuring comedy songs with Ben Lee, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Brendan Benson, Jon Brion, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey, Ani DiFranco, Tommy Chong, Grant Lee Phillips, Rachael Yamagata and Andrew Bird, will be available in stores August 24th!

You can get an immediate download of the album today by supporting Margaret in her online Album Read More