NEW MUSIC: American Myth release 4/29

I am extremely proud to release American Myth. This is an album of anthems and showcases my first efforts as a composer. I made it with my longtime collaborator Garrison Starr and an incredible and inspiring crew of artists. It is my glamorous and glittering tribute to family, comedy, anger, fame, gayness, grief, fat pride, love, and hate.

I can’t wait to share this with you Read More

New Video: Ron’s Got A DUI

This is tribute to the many gay men I have loved and lost, and the perfect relationship between an old gay man and a little girl as I’ve experienced. I wrote this song with Garrison Starr for my new album AMERICAN MYTH which will be out in 2016. The video stars Leslie Jordan who is absolutely magical!

Billy Bragg

What have I been doing? Well thank you for asking, I have been busy shredding my fingertips to the bone on my brand new Eko guitars. I bought two of them, these fine reproductions of Italian electric 6 strings from the 60s, with tiny orange amps to go along with them. One is treble and one is bass and they Read More

Craig Finn’s Clear Heart Full Eyes

craig finn clear hearts

There is sometimes music that stops you dead in your tracks on first listening and you already know that you will be listening to the beats of it, the story of it – the meter and time and rhyme of it will stay with you for as long as you can still hear, and possibly even after that for a while, before your mind forgets Read More

George Michael

I have been a fan of George Michael since Wham was a four person outfit – since when it was George, Andy, Pepsi and Shirley. I liked their leather jackets and short and spiky hair, their voices held together by now primitive sounding hip hop beats and brass. They wore short boots and long pants and looked 1950’s and looked rocker, like Guys and Dolls, Read More

I Love Bob Mould

Bob Mould Show 11/21/2011

There are nights that define your life and I imagine that when you die, when the film of your life passes before your eyes, there will be skillfully edited highlights from these times and you may be leaving your body and going into the light but you’ll be pleasantly entertained during your journey, like an in flight movie starring you and the best of you Read More

Asian Adjacent music video!

This gem of a video was directed by Tani Ikeda and stars me and Grant Lee Phillips and some amazing dancers! We shot this in downtown LA in July on a single soundstage – really like an old school MTV music video and it was very exciting to be styled in all these incredible looks Read More

Bob Mould’s See a Little Light

There are few artists who have moved me or been a constant in my life as much as Bob Mould. His music, beginning with Hüsker Dü, which the gay punk glitterati who worked in my father’s Polk Street bookstore would play loud at night to discourage shoplifting, because when Hüsker Dü is on, everyone is paying attention – then his Read More