Going Down

I went down on my bike, fairly badly, and I am unhurt, but it was so terrifying. I didn’t run into anybody. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for everyone else) it was just between me and the curb and the hill. The wheels got in a bit of an argument, my hands forgot what to do. I did a semi wheelie going uphill and all Read More


Margaret Cho’s Newest Confidence Booster: Her Motorcycle

Margaret Cho is a comedian, actress, singer-songwriter, and now a Harley-Davidson rider.

The Drop Dead Diva star took her latest passion to New York City this month to share her riding experience with a group of women at a blogging conference in New York City hosted by Harley-Davidson.

“One of my proudest achievements was getting my motorcycle license,” Cho says. “I think it’s an Read More

Born to be Mild

If I see you riding when I am driving or walking or riding myself, my heart goes out to you, and if I could I’d like to cover you in an invisible blanket of good luck and good timing and safety and fingers firm on the controls. May your wheels spin fast underneath you and take you exactly where you need to go. I guess Read More

Good Old Gail

The Honda Dream arrived to meet me in Georgia, and I made a nice little apartment for her at my workplace, which also happens to be a quiet municipal airport. She’s not running great, but that is to be expected, being a bit older than me, and with already 2 cross country treks in her short life as mine. There’s dirty carbs, choke issues – Read More

My Motorcycle Club

I was out and about in east Atlanta, where I have been spending more time lately, at bars and restaurants and rock shows with my younger friends. They continued on into the night and tired, premenopausal me headed home. I can’t keep up with them, but I try doggedly for the happy hours, their first drinks and my senior citizen’s special, but then shortly I Read More


With my new mesh armor I felt unstoppable. I am super hero looking. I could pose for pictures with tourists in front of Mann’s Chinese theatre. I love body armor. It’s protective and looks cool and makes you feel – well, unstoppable, even by the blustery wind that had the great staff at the Honda garage asking “Margaret – you really want to ride in Read More

North Georgia

Springtime in North Georgia sees many motorcycle riders, up on 400, weaving in between trailers and motor homes as the bright southern sun breaks through the clouds. It’s the first time most have had their bikes out in months, and they can’t wait to get out there, much to the chagrin of the local police, who now have instituted a zero tolerance policy regarding motorcycles. Read More

The Forty Eight


I have been riding quite often nowadays, and every time I come home, the house and everything in it breathes a sigh of relief. Its dangerous business, these motorcycles, and I know it and there is a chance every time I leave that I may not return. I am willing to take that on, at least for now, because I know when I am riding Read More


My beautiful old 1966 Honda 305 dream came to me as if in a dream, earning its name rightfully and I parked it outside of my house on its sturdily steadfast center stand. It refused to start and I called my motorcycle expert/mentor and also stellar tattooist Craig for help. He gathered up the dream with great assistance from his motorcycle friend Sean – motorcyclists Read More