There is bread I am not fond of. The ryes, the pumpernickels, some sourdoughs – they leave me feeling despondent and disappointed. Especially that one weird rye/pumpernickel hybrid that is swirled like its some kind of delicious marbled bundt cake or something. That is real false advertising. Its not sweet at all and there’s a […]

Don’t Worry

Whenever I start worrying about money, I know that means I am getting my period. The rest of the month, I am ok with cash. There are many things I want, and I’m the first to admit I have some expensive taste going on, but I try to check myself before I wreck myself. My […]

Jazz Hands


I really thought highly of myself and perhaps it’s the sin of pride that led me to not pay attention to what I was doing. I had done a good deal of fantastic writing that day and felt princely or something stupid like that, and it was time to get ready for a nice night […]


Yesterday, I had many people over making a music video for my friend Rocco aka Katastrophe, directed by Amos Mac, both dear tranchildren of mine. Pleasant Gehman – who is a regular at my house but hadn’t been for awhile came over with Kristina Nekiya and it was like burlesue/bellydance home week. I haven’t danced […]

No Smoking

Cigarettes – No I am not smoking them, but I really want them, and I cannot deny their seductive pull. It’s the oddest thing because the more trouble I have been having with my respiratory system, the more I want to handicap it further with smoke inhalation and other irritants. I have debilitating allergies, perhaps […]


I spent some lucky days in Paris on my own. A big treat, as I usually travel with others – and fantastic, hilarious, inspiring, debauched others, which is joyous and wonderful but it’s a rare beautiful moment that I am by myself. The hotel I originally booked wouldn’t let me check in, and after almost […]

The Hook

I am a shopper by nature, but not by profession, and I try to curb this tendency, because it does get expensive over time. Although I have fine, fine taste in everything, there are things I have acquired that I didn’t want, almost as soon as I had purchased them, and I’ve had to unload […]

Another Brick in The Wall

I am disgusted by Roger Waters act of defacing what really should be a national monument – Elliott Smith’s memorial wall on Sunset Blvd. His advertisers, trying to get hipsters to see him tour “The Wall” yet fucking AGAIN have put graffiti all over the beloved Silverlake monument. I am not a Pink Floyd hater. […]

The World I Would Like To Live In

I attended a special event at the White House to celebrate Asian American history month, which I never know when it is. I am guessing it is May because this is May. But to me every month is Asian history month mostly because I am in a constant state of learning about it and myself […]

NY Times Review of Drop Dead Diva

Chubby Legal Beagle, Meet Your Inner Skinny Siren By ALESSANDRA STANLEY Published: July 9, 2009 Someone heard the old line about a thin woman trapped in a fat woman’s body and took it literally. In “Drop Dead Diva,” a Lifetime series that begins on Sunday, an aspiring model and airhead named Deb (Brooke D’Orsay) dies […]

Luna and Ginsburg: The Help

Here’s the latest from Selene and Nadya. So funny. and my fave is Selene’s chest hair! and the whistle!! haha!!!