Toenail Fungus

There isn’t anything wrong with me but I love to worry about it, and the worry will win out in the end, causing no end of physical problems and maladies made real from dreams and reverse wishing, which is actually dread. When you don’t want something to happen, the constant thought that it might is […]

Blood Work

I have such a different type of job than most people. I work all the time, pretty much every waking hour of the day is work. Even the hours just sitting, waiting for planes and cars, for cameras and audiences, that is all on the clock, on someone’s watch, getting to a job, leaving a […]


What is up with cops lately? It seems like they are up on me and I haven’t the slightest clue why this is going on. I came home last night from a very late tattoo session, and it was Friday yes, but I hadn’t had anything to drink but warmish water, as I laid over […]


The hour that gives me the most difficulty is 2pm. I am good in the mornings. The sunrise is ever hopeful, the strange way you can tell light is new, the way it comes at you, shy through the trees. Yes I love mornings, because it’s another chance, you get another stab at it, whatever […]


Listen, I am so scared of the dentist. I really am. I take insanely good care of my teeth, and they may not be the whitest, but they chew ok and don’t hurt ever and serve me well. The only time my teeth bother me is in my dreams, when they fall out and fill […]


I learned to drive in a beater of a car, an old Buick Le Sabre, massive and almost impossible to park on the curb starved streets of San Francisco. because of that thing I can parallel park with the precision of a jeweler laying a flawless diamond into a six prong setting with one stroke […]

Not Meditation

Sometimes I just can’t make myself do anything. And then I just sit here, feeling bad about it, my inactivity, my sloth. I guess then I am actually active, because I am sitting here, and I am feeling bad, so that is two things I am doing at once. The problem is I feel guilty. […]


My people, my beautiful Korean people, my deep ancestral roots, the incalculable sprawl underneath the tall tree of myself, I stand here, shading all around me with my Korea-ness, my Korea history, my Korea life, and I ask, what is up with the car fresheners? My people love to freshen their cars, with weird fake […]


I am scared of cruise ships, and I’ve worked on plenty of them, but it’s never a vacation for me. I got a ‘poseidon adventure’ fear. Ships – I am scared of ships. It’s much more terrifying than flying in a plane, and it takes a lot longer. For some reason planes don’t bother me. […]


. Dear Sinead, I am super sorry things are hard for you now. I don’t know what to say exactly but I want to say something. I guess I want to say thank you for your wonderful music and just for being who you are. I always loved you from the moment I heard you […]


Do you knit? Are you crafty? There was a brief hipster resurgence in the venerable pastime of knitting, and that is cool, but me, I am a sewer. Knitters and sewers are like mods and rockers. Opposing but similar. Together but divided. I think I would like to knit, but there’s something so noble about […]

Smell This

Over the last few weeks, I have gradually, bit by bit, in increments too tiny to notice, but growing steadily along with the fear and trepidation I have about it – I have been losing my sense of smell. This is alarming because I am a great lover of scent and smells and nothing brings […]