My people, my beautiful Korean people, my deep ancestral roots, the incalculable sprawl underneath the tall tree of myself, I stand here, shading all around me with my Korea-ness, my Korea history, my Korea life, and I ask, what is up with the car fresheners? My people love to freshen their cars, with weird fake […]

TV Dinner

swanson tv dinner

I could really go for a tv dinner right now.  The 70s kind, like the Hungry Man dinners from Swanson – Salisbury steak that has the compartments with the meat in the middle then peas, mashed potatoes, a corn bread puff or chocolate cake above the meat like word balloons. What was that corn bread […]

Taste the Linsanity

If there had been an open container of ‘Taste the Lin-sanity’, the racially lin-sensitive ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerry’s, right in front of me, I would have been offended, but I still would have wanted to try it. I do like a vanilla-lychee blend, it’s kind of Eurasian or Africa by way of […]

Crab Season

Before reality television, I was aware of Dungeness crab season. The catches then didn’t seem so deadly (although I am sure they were – they just didn’t have cameras to document it) unless you accidently caught your finger in a set of snapping claws, but this thankfully never happened. When it would get really cold […]


Fruitcake is a strangely retro seasonal dessert, and it’s also an old timey vaguely homophobic slur that isn’t always about being gay, just more about being crazy with the silent agreement that gayness is the cause, which is probably a good assessment of me anyway. I am not fond of fruitcake as a food, although […]

Birthday Pie

Birthday Pie

My wonderful friends made me a pie on my birthday, and not just any old pie, but my favorite pie, a humble pie no less, made from a box of chocolate pudding mix and Cool Whip, layered together in almost equal proportions and chilled into a store bought graham cracker shell. It is the most […]