Fish and Chips

British food is my ruin – it is that good. I don’t know why there has been a long standing idea that British cuisine is not sophisticated and delicious. It’s so goddamnned good and it’s my favorite. All the expressions of it are amazing, from the simple pub fare like cheese and pickle sandwiches and […]

Delicious NYC

I have been eating as much as possible and it seems to me to be the right thing, as it’s all odd immigrant childhood foods, undeniable and irresistible and full of history as well as calories. Made many trips out in NYC this week for these tempting things, like al jjiggae, which is a hot […]

Kim Chee Rice

I had some kim chee fried rice in the fridge, brought home from an asian fusion restaurant I will go to multiple days in a row. It was exciting at first, knowing that it was in there, the thickly spiced cabbage fried with perfectly al dente rice, hard to to the tooth, as I like […]


There is a love I have for raisin toast that is indecent. It’s got to be a small loaf, in order to contain the raisins, and the cinnamon that is the raisin’s common-law companion. The best is when the bread has been freshly baked, but that is rare. I usually buy a loaf that looks […]


Well that was a much looser yogurt than I had signed up for. You know there is nothing better than a thick pot of greek yogurt, full fat or 2% fat if possible. I like a drip of honey on it, or a hand split overripe fig dragged into the creamy middle. I go to […]


Don’t despair, eat. It’s probably not the most healthy thing to say, but food is a balm for me, especially carbohydrates. I am drained by humanity. People are disappointing and taxing, rueful and mean, bullying and boring – this is just the truth. There are those with potential to be heavenly however, so these few […]


I haven’t made a sauce but if I could I would make and authentic bolognese, which is my favorite, hearty and red and cooked down for many hours, making my mouth water all day long. I might actually sear a ham bone and cook it down until the meat and tendons and marrow melt into […]


There are things I would love to do but there isn’t room for them, in this crowded life. These days leave big piles unfinished. Time marches on and I never get to the end of the to do lists and I always discover you don’t need to do all of it. There isn’t time or […]

Hot Dog

I am not repulsed by what is inside the crisp skin of a hot dog. It always sounds like a good option to me. I will always want a hot dog, especially a dirty water one on the street in New York City, when its painfully cold outside, possibly right after we have finished ice […]

Sex Party Food

I have been to many sex parties since my sex career has been fairly long and tumultuous. I think what the truth is that unfortunately I don’t like sex much, or I like it too much and so I have tried a number of things that don’t suit me and sex parties is one of […]



Im in London and it’s cold, so very cold I don’t know how anyone can stand it. It’s the kind of chill that would break your ears off. I have gloves in my bag but I use my hands too much to put them on for any length of time so essentially they are useless. […]