Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Premiere!

If you’re in the states, you can catch Margaret returning in the 3rd Season of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime starting on Sunday, June 19th at 9/8c.

Check out this clip to see some of the amazing guest stars this season!

Drop Dead Diva Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Drop Dead Diva is available for pre-order! It includes a fab cover of “Would I Lie to You” with Brooke Elliot, Kate Levering and me! Also on the soundtrack is my new wave collaboration with Ben Lee, “Restraining Order.” It’s so awesome!

The Drop Dead Diva soundtrack will be available June 1st, but you can pre-order it on Read More

Drop Dead Diva: International Air Dates

Check out Drop Dead Diva all over the world!

Airing NOW…

Canada (on Showcase)  
Season 1

Denmark (Sunday on TV3)
Season 1

Germany (Monday @ 8:15pm on FOX)   
Season 1

Middle East (Saturday @ 9pm on SHOWTIME)   
Season 1

South Korea (Wednesday & Thursday @ 8pm on TVN)
Season 1: titled:”Change Diva”

Turkey (Tuesday @ 21:00 on FOXlife)

UK (Thursday Read More