I was petting my big dog Ralph and I found a lump on his chin. It was pretty big, and he’s old, almost 13. We took him to the vet and got it aspirated, which was scary. He seems ok now, and the vet is running tests, and said it’s probably alright and nothing to worry about, but I hate any kind of vet anything. Read More


Here is a wonderful photoshop by my husband, starring our dogs, Ralph and Bronwyn!!

Daily Puppy

Sometimes I can’t start my day without looking at DailyPuppy.com – a website devoted to pictures of dogs, puppies and grownup puppies. They update it every single day, and I will even log on at midnight just to see the dog changeover.

I love dogs of all kinds, and I when I look at them, I think about Read More

Starving Dog in Art Exhibit

I got forwarded this email and I was absolutely horrified. I cannot believe it. It makes me so upset I can’t even deal.

Subject: Boycott Guillermo Vargas at the Biennial Centroamericana Honduras 2008

In 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, tied him to a rope in an art gallery, and starved him to death.

For several days, Read More

Dog Kisses

How do you kiss your dogs? I like to kiss my dogs all the time. Every once in a while, they will let me kiss them on the lips, but it is rare. That is fun though because I really love dog lips because they are thin and black and sometimes shiny like they wear lip gloss.

My medium middle girl, Bronwyn, who is very Read More

Puppy Mills

Oprah did an important show about the horrible business of puppy mills, which are “dog factories,” where female dogs are caged for their entire lives in order to churn out litter after litter, which are then sold at pet stores. It is an awful and cruel (not to mention disgusting and inhumane) practice. I am glad that Oprah shed some Read More