Sometimes this Chihuahua Pomeranian mix and this Australian cattle dog mix will sit next to me, working on long, cylindrical gold dog toys I have cannily stuffed with greenies. The dogs go insane for greenies. It’s a dog drug for sure. It’s dognip. I worry about anything that creates that much desire and excitement, as […]

Dog Morning

gudrun bronwyn

I woke up today with the warm weight of a Chihuahua dog on my chest, moving up and down with my breath. She moved slightly as I opened my eyes, positioning her butt onto my side, like she was attaching herself to my side with a USB, downloading all sorts of important dog documents into […]

Thanks Memoir Tattoo

ralph-watercolor- Shawn Barber

Art drives my life and keeps me going. I think about art all the time, in the fashion of making art, being with artists, collecting art, being a work of art. Art is everything and my childhood and my adulthood combined. I grew up around painters wanting to be like them, wanting to get tattooed […]

My New Tattoo

Eddy Deutsche, just one of my amazing tattoo artists, had a magnificent beast of a dog, Hodji. An all black Newfoundland, with glossy long fur and a massive head. He was the noblest of creatures, and quite a comforting presence, calming those with needle anxiety, resting his impressive maw on shaking limbs and touching noses […]

I Love This Dog

I love this dog: I am using this dog as my inspiration for Dancing with the Stars. I think that if I can do just as well as this dog does in this very intricate dance I will win the competition. What I love about it is that we don’t think that the dog can […]

Sammy Needs A Home

Urgent! Dog in need! Please help! What an adorable boy: Sammy is a 7 year old, devoted and loving Dalmatian mix and is facing forced euthanasia unless he finds the right home. His favorite things are tummy rubs, naps in the sun, bones and a stroll through the neighborhood to sniff. He is a mellow […]

RIP My love, My Ralph.

Do you remember when we met? I had come to the west valley animal shelter, and I saw you before you saw me. You were by yourself in a little cage at the end of the long corridor. When you saw me, you tried to bite your way through the wires. I stopped and took […]

Groomer Has It

I did an episode of “Groomer Has It” where they took shelter dogs and gave them a makeover! It was so cute because the dogs really looked better and also seemed like they knew they looked better and were working it. It’s supposed to air on May 30th. Of course I cried and cried during […]

Hey Big Dog

Here is me and Amanda Palmer singing “Hey Big Dog” at SXSW. I wrote the song with Patty Griffin and it’s an imagined duet between myself and my big dog, Ralph. Amanda sings the Ralph part just beautifully. She really makes me cry. It’s so tender and sweet. Like I really am singing to my […]


I was petting my big dog Ralph and I found a lump on his chin. It was pretty big, and he’s old, almost 13. We took him to the vet and got it aspirated, which was scary. He seems ok now, and the vet is running tests, and said it’s probably alright and nothing to […]