The Jive

We danced so hard last night. My feet are pounding. I can feel my heart beat in them. The satin dance shoes are too narrow for me, so the bands cut into my toes. There are huge blisters. Still, they are getting calloused over, because I am not giving up. I am dancing through.

I loved the jive, and our song “Dreaming” by Blondie is Read More

Rehearsing on Tour

I am so exhausted its been hard to write. We have been driving on the bus all night and rehearsing all day – stopping to do shows on The Cho Dependent Tour – it’s incredible. I love the physical benefits – all these weird little aches and pains have been disappearing, because I am moving for the first time. The body is supposed Read More

It Feels Right

Home now eating delicious sweets from friends and enjoying an early night. I am so grateful for everyone who voted for us and kept us on the show. Yesterday was a really rough day. I wasn’t sure what to feel or think. I want to stay in the game so badly, so much that I can barely think straight. I know I can dance. I Read More

Don’t Worry!

There’s kind of a gassy farty fear smell in the air, or maybe that is just me. I am in my trailer hoping for internet so I can watch Jennifer Grey’s performance again. She was so stunningly beautiful! She can really move and was a joy to watch. And the nicest person! Serious contender for miss congeniality. She came over to me in the makeup Read More

The Waltz

It’s the morning after and I am ready to go back in for the results show of Dancing with the Stars. I am very happy with the way that Louis and I danced last night. I thought we did great and the wings looked amazing. All I heard the judges saying was that I was Read More

Detroit and Ottawa Tour Dates To Be Rescheduled

We are rescheduling two of Margaret’s Cho Dependent Tour dates this fall, because of potential conflicts with her participation on Dancing with the Stars. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience – we have worked hard to move as few tour dates as possible.

We are working on a new date for the Detroit (previously 10/17) and Ottawa (previously 10/24) shows and will announce Read More


There is something going on downtown. It’s really bad. It seems that I have had some kind of gastrointestinal attack – I don’t know what this is caused by. Normally I don’t have stomach issues. I have an iron belly which can digest anything including woodchips and metal. I have the strongest digestive system I know. The only thing I cannot handle is squid – Read More

On The Road To Vegas

Headed out to Las Vegas with one of my favorite guys John Roberts for my show at The Palms, and meeting Louis there for rehearsal. I really enjoy the touring and rehearsing better than dancing in LA. In LA there are paparazzi standing outside the dance studio – and they Read More

In My Body

I am dancing better. It’s all getting better. My body feels good. Not as sore and in shock as it was. Louis and I are also having fun on the road, on my Cho Dependent Tour, which is great. I wish he could come with me all the time.

I think that this entire Read More