Wanda Sykes!

Here’s me with my favorite comic, Wanda Sykes, in Sacramento on Monday. We did the big marriage equality rally and it was so amazing. Love her!!!

Tommy Chong!

Tommy Chong!!!! I know its blurry but we were so excited!! I love him so much!!!!


Here is the cover of a new magazine, Interlude, I just shot. I got to be interviewed by Roseanne, a longtime hero of mine. We had fun! Check it out! They are giving away free posters of the cover when you subscribe.

John Roberts

John Roberts. Oh, he is funny and beautiful and cute. I can’t stop watching this video: or this one: Both characters are so funny because they are so frighteningly real. You can still see that he is gorgeous, through the wigs, the tape, the christmas sweaters. I think he looks like the also unbelievably beautiful […]

Patton Oswalt

Who’s beautiful? Patton Oswalt. I have always thought he is such a darling boy, just sweet faced, good hearted and incredibly funny. He used to live one street over from me, right by the Holy City Zoo in San Francisco. He lived in an unruly comic’s den with Blaine Capatch and Brian Posehn. I thought […]


Rosie came to our show and then we went to her art opening. Simply amazing paintings…she is such an incredible artist. I just finished her book “Celebrity Detox.” I loved it, a deeply moving and fascinating read. I don’t know how she has time to do it all! She is an inspiration!!!!!

R.I.P. Richard Pryor

When I was little all I ever wanted to be was Richard Pryor. I knew it was impossible to grow up and be him, since he was already him, and was doing very well as himself. Still, I did grow up, and bent and shaped my life according to his. As a performer, I always […]

R.I.P. Warren Thomas

In the days of my youth, when I was an opening act (a job that I really loved because you got to watch the best comics in the world perform for free, and you could make about $50 per show doing it), I spent a weekend in Reno working a double headline bill with Greg […]

R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg was one of those fantastically funny, untouchable guys that populated my youth, spinning out forever beyond my reach like stars. I was at a party when I still hung out with comics, like 14 years ago. I want to say it was Roger Rittenhouse’s place, but then, all the comics lived together in […]

R.I.P. Drake Sather

We were all in love with you at one time or another and it did not make any impression on you, I think, but who could know, what went on in that beautiful head of yours? I never knew you, but we standup comics are like cops. When one of us goes down, we all […]

Richard Pryor

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRYOR. Sorry, a little belated, as it was the 1st of the month. Mine is tomorrow. I am honored to share your birthday week. We get name checked on E! – it happens at the same time, along with Woody Allen and Walt Disney, but I like you the best. What can […]