The Genius of Weird Al

I have said many times before that Weird Al Yankovic is my absolute idol. I worship him and his incredible music. What is also amazing about him is that he gets better as time goes on. I am absolutely floored by his latest offering – a White Stripes parody no less. “CNR”

Behold the genius of Weird Al…

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Wanda Sykes!

Here’s me with my favorite comic, Wanda Sykes, in Sacramento on Monday. We did the big marriage equality rally and it was so amazing. Love her!!!

Tommy Chong!

Tommy Chong!!!! I know its blurry but we were so excited!! I love him so much!!!!


Here is the cover of a new magazine, Interlude, I just shot. I got to be interviewed by Roseanne, a longtime hero of mine. We had fun! Check it out!

They are giving away free posters of the cover when you subscribe.

John Roberts

John Roberts. Oh, he is funny and beautiful and cute. I can’t stop watching this video:

or this one:

Both characters are so funny because they are so frighteningly real.

You can still see that he is gorgeous, through the wigs, the tape, the christmas sweaters. I think he looks like the also unbelievably beautiful Rufus Wainwright. I love him!

Patton Oswalt

Who’s beautiful? Patton Oswalt. I have always thought he is such a darling boy, just sweet faced, good hearted and incredibly funny. He used to live one street over from me, right by the Holy City Zoo in San Francisco. He lived in an unruly comic’s den with Blaine Capatch and Brian Posehn. I thought they were all babes.