Margaret Cho on The Mortified Sessions – Monday Jan. 2nd on Sundance!


Margaret will be on The Mortified Sessions on Sundance on Monday, January 2nd – 8pm! From Huffington Post TV: On Sundance Channel’s “Mortified Sessions,” celebrities reveal their dirty laundry. From how they learned about sex to childhood crushes, they’re not holding anything back. On the upcoming new episode, “Suburgatory” star Cheryl Hines and comedienne Margaret […]


When I was a little girl, I had a problem with nosebleeds. It wasn’t enough that I already socially maimed, being weird and half-feral and creepily thin and of a kind of fish flavored superimmigrant stock that even being born here had no effect on, I also had to profusely bleed from my nose without […]

This Machine Kills Fascists

I have always been a voracious reader, once my eyes began to form an understanding of letters, then words, then sentences, then paragraphs – I was hooked. I read and read and was offered children’s books by teachers and librarians and I would pretend to read them but there would be forbidden tomes hidden inside […]