You’ve sparked my pinterest. It’s kind of crazy. I believe I am an addictive person. I come back to the well for more and more and more, no matter what I said before. No matter what was regretted in the morning. The mind does gymnastics in an effort to justify any action.

Excuses are a test of your creativity, but the length of lies to the Read More


I want to pluck my eyebrows badly right now and I can’t.  It’s too dark anyway, and I don’t have tweezers, but even though I can’t see all those stray hairs clearly, I know they are there. I spotted them on the last hopeful but unproductive bathroom visit before the long drive to LAX, and I wanted to get my tweezers out of my luggage Read More


park & cube

Old dogs listen up! New tricks can be learned! It takes an extra bit of effort, but it’s worth it. I think that beauty is mysterious but fair mistress, and the more you do to keep her, the longer she will stay. There’s a myth that beauty is pain, a harsh dominatrix who desires nothing but your suffering to sate her perverted desires. She wants Read More