Beautiful DVD: Autographed Pre-Orders

In her fifth concert film, “Beautiful,” comedian Margaret Cho pulls back the veil on the myth of beauty, and exposes her audience to a raunchy and hilarious ride.

Available on DVD on November 17th from Image Entertainment, Margaret is offering an exclusive pre-sale on her site of a limited number of autographed copies!

All pre-orders will ship on November 17.

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Clips from Beautiful

“Beautiful,” Margaret’s 5th concert film, will be on DVD on November 17th, from Image Entertainment!

Margaret is offering a limited number of Autographed copies in an exclusive Pre-Sale on her site!

Check out some clips below.

“Beautiful” at Just For Laughs in Montreal!

Margaret’s fifth stand-up film, “Beautiful,” will have its Canadian premiere at this year’s “Just for Laughs” Film Festival in Montreal! Here are the details:

Just For Laughs Film Festival
July 25th at 7:00 PM
NFB CineRobotheque
1564, St. Denis, Montreal

Buy Your Tickets Online Here.

Or call or visit the Just For Laughs Box Office (2111, St-Laurent Blvd.)
(514) 845-2322 or 1-888-244-3155

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Beautiful trailer – tune in to Showtime July 3rd!

In her fifth concert film, Beautiful, comedian Margaret Cho pulls back the veil on the myth of beauty, and exposes her audience to a raunchy and hilarious ride.

Margaret’s new concert film, Beautiful, will premiere on Showtime July 3rd at 11pm ET/PT. Check her TV/FILM PAGE for more airings and the On Demand schedule.

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Venus Zine
Margaret Cho gets every Tom, Dick, and Harry to laugh and relate

By Katie Heath

“Tonight’s “Beautiful” tour returned audiences to a more primal state, double-fisting drinks, hollering, and screaming alongside Cho as she performed her routine of confronting “hush-hush” issues with trademark acid wit.”

Despite the Chicago Theater’s attempt at well-mannered ambiance, there was no concealing the crowd’s Margaret Cho-–induced appetite for sex and booze in the sold-out auditorium.

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Dallas Morning News
Margaret Cho talks a blue streak


Almost 40 now, Ms. Cho was less strident, less out to shock for the sake of it, and more outwardly happy than in the past….She was most at home when engaging the body, especially from the angle of identity politics…Ms. Cho seemed more comfortable in her skin than ever.”

GRAND PRAIRIE – For Margaret Cho, the body is political. She never met an orifice Read More

Star Telegram
Cho brings a raunchy humor to Metroplex

By Todd Camp

“Some of the biggest laughs were unprintably raunchy (but none the less hysterical).”

GRAND PRAIRIE — During her packed show Sunday night at Nokia Theatre, Margaret Cho proved that even preaching to the choir can produce beautiful music.

Cho came through town on her Beautiful tour and addressed everything from body issues to government sex scandals to all sorts of subjects we can’t repeat in Read More

Bay Windows
The Cho Must Go On

By Scott Kearnan

“The sex-capade, and a subsequent tangent on pop culture divas…went over well with the packed audience, who was hooting and hollering its collective approval. Her political jabs, peppered throughout the show, were among her best and the show one of her consistently funniest.”

There’s a certain formula that comes with a Margaret Cho comedy show: combine one part sex talk, a teaspoon of potty Read More