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Margaret Cho shows her tattoos of U.S. presidents

The hilarious Margaret Cho, an Emmy nominee for her role as Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il in “30 Rock,” shows off tattoos of former presidents George Washington and Abe Lincoln, and also dishes on her latest gig on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.”

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Emmy Nomination!!!

Oh it’s so exciting! I got nominated for an Emmy and I think I am actually high from it. That is the best, when you get high from your life’s work, and I usually do, but this is an extra special high. I woke up to find my phone beeping with texts and email, which is very rare. They were all congratulations from my friends Read More

Margaret Cho returns 30 Rock!

30 Rock

I’m so thrilled to return to 30 Rock and I’m super excited about these episodes. I think I really get to show my dictator side!


Margaret Cho is back! She will appear on 30 Rock’s May 10th and 17th episodes, bringing back her hilarious gender-bending interpretation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Cho-as-Il kidnapped Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) new wife Avery (Elizabeth Banks), Read More

Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il is dead, and the confirmation of this is something I had been waiting for, as I have long suspected that he had actually died years ago, and that the miracle of photoshop and an outsourced Hollywood publicist had kept him alive, rather than heart and lung machines. We had no way of truly knowing. There is no way of knowing what happens Read More