Monsters of Talk Ep 7 & Video

Episode 7 is up now! Look at this amazing preview by Jim Short!

Listen to the full episode:


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Monsters of Talk – Dorner Manifesto

A new episode of Monsters of Talk will be released in the morning and we talk about how Chris Dorner mentioned me in his manifesto! Here are a few clips, with images and video by Jim Short.

UPDATE 2/18/2013

Here is the full episode!!



The Ricki Lake Show – Fri Feb 1st

Margaret is a guest on The Ricki Lake Show on Friday, Feb 1st. Tune in!

Misadventures of Parenthood

Ricki sits down with couples who feel lost in the misadventures of parenthood.

While getting pregnant, having children and being a parent are all amazing parts of life, is it ever what we expect and what if things don’t go as planned? Ricki chats with Read More

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