Fall Tour Announcement: THE PSYCHO TOUR!

I’m so thrilled to announce that I will be back out on the road with an amazing new show this fall! This show is about insanity, and about the anger I feel about everything happening in the world right now, from police brutality to racism to the rising tide of violence against women. It makes […]

NYTimes: Nothing is Too Private for a Punch Line

“I can’t think of a thing that should be hidden,” Margaret Cho said on a blustery Sunday in early March. It was the morning after her wildly kinetic performance at the Gramercy Theater, and she was feeling brash. “My sexuality or experiences I’ve had that amused me, I’m willing to share,” she said. That she […]

BuzzFeed: Margaret Cho is Here, Queer, and Taking Questions About Anything

“I’ve always wanted to ejaculate, but that has never happened,” Cho, host of All About Sex, told BuzzFeed News.     “I can’t believe she bit off his whole nipple!” Margaret Cho said, affecting shock, while filming a short promo for her new TLC late-night talk show All About Sex. “I can’t believe she bit off the entire nipple,” […]

No Regrets

I’m of mixed North and South Korean decent. My people have been separated, incarcerated, starved, brainwashed and denied free speech for over 65 years. The only weapon I have is comedy. If you deny us the most basic human dignity, I have the right to make fun of you. I’m not playing the race card. […]

Clip from Premiere of ALL ABOUT SEX on TLC

I’m so excited for the premiere of All About Sex tonight! TLC at 11pm/10c I’m the wild card of this deck. The show is a panel of extraordinary women talking about sex. It’s like a sexy version of the view. It’s the screw! It’s like a whorey Oprah. It’s hoprah. Or Choprah.  So please tune […]

All About Sex – Premiere Sat Jan 10th on TLC

My new TV show All About Sex premieres this Saturday, Jan 10 at 11pm/10c on TLC . I’m the wild card of this deck. The show is a panel of extraordinary women talking about sex. It’s like a sexy version of The View. It’s The Screw! It’s like a whorey Oprah. It’s Hoprah. Or Choprah. So please tune […]

Margaret Cho to Co-Host TLC Latenight Talkshow ‘All About Sex’

I’m very excited about my new job – I’ll be the guide to the wild side of sex on TLC’s new show! Starting January 10th I’ll be hosting ‘All About Sex’ on TLC with co-hosts Heather McDonald, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. Read more here.

NYC SHOWS! Filming new special!

Hi!! I’m so thrilled to announce that I will be filming my new special at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC on March 7th (additional show on March 6) and I want you to come! This is my most exciting show to date and I can’t wait to share it with you. This show is all […]

HUGE SALE! Tshirts, DVD, Posters & More!

I’m clearing out my merch stores for the holidays! Please check out deals starting at $5.99! US Store: http://www.jsrdirect.com/webstores/margaretcho/ EU Store: http://margaret-cho.tmstor.es/

Helping the Homeless – #BeRobin

From now until the end of the year i will be busking in the streets of san francisco to help the homeless – many hours a day….. I will tweet and Facebook where i will be and id love any of you to come down and help me feed and entertain people. The homeless problem in […]