Cho Dependent Tour Starts Today

Margaret kicks off her North American Cho Dependent tour today in Portland, OR at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall! The Cho Dependent tour, sponsored by Logo, runs through December 12th and is a brand new stand up show, featuring a couple of songs from Margaret’s new album of comedy music, Cho Dependent (available in stores […]

Cho Dependent Out Today!

Margaret’s brand new album, Cho Dependent, featuring comedy songs she collaborated on with Ben Lee, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Brendan Benson, Jon Brion, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey, Ani DiFranco, Tommy Chong, Grant Lee Phillips, Rachael Yamagata, AC Newman, Patty Griffin and Andrew Bird, is available in stores today! Check it out on iTunes, Amazon, […]

Eat Shit and Die – featuring Grant Lee Phillips

Sometimes you are just so heartbroken you just don’t know what to do. This is a dangerous moment in what seems like everyone’s life. It doesn’t have to be a romantic heartbreak, but this is usually what it is. It could be some other catastrophic disappointment, caused by the carelessness and selfishness of another. People […]

Eat Shit and Die video premiere at Buzznet

Check out Margaret’s brand new video for “Eat Shit and Die” featuring Grant Lee Phillips and directed by Liam Sullivan. The exclusive premiere is today at Buzznet. Cho Dependent (featuring Tegan & Sara, Ben Lee, Tommy Chong, Grant Lee Phillips, Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey, Jon Brion, Rachael Yamagata and Fiona Apple) […]

Come Party with Margaret in LA Tomorrow Night!

Margaret is throwing a exclusive Album Release Party, celebrating the launch of Cho Dependent, this Thursday night (8/12) in Los Angeles and we have a very special offer for fans! We’ve reserved a very limited number of spots on the guest list for fans who have purchased tickets to the upcoming Cho Dependent Tour, kicking […]

Baby I’m with the Band – featuring Brendan Benson

I have this weird problem of leaving food in my car. The worst was when an already finely ripened piece of bleu cheese fell out of my Trader Joe’s shopping bag and lodged itself underneath the passenger seat of my blue Mini Cooper. I didn’t smell it at first, and didn’t for many months. I […]

Intervention – featuring Tegan and Sara

I went from Fez, the dusky 9th century city in the ancient kingdom of Morocco, to modern, sparklingly jeweled Vancouver in bright bright British Columbia, continuously flying and laying over and flying again for nearly 36 hours to make my recording session with Tegan and Sara, nursing slowly dying intestinal parasites along the way. It […]

Enemies – featuring Jon Brion

Making this record had much to do with being a regular at Largo, which is now Largo at the Coronet. The legendary nightclub has now moved to fancier new digs on La Cienega, but I have a soft spot for the old place on Fairfax. I started going sometime in the early 90s, first to […]

Hey Big Dog – with Patty Griffin, Ben Lee, Fiona Apple

I didn’t make my first writing session with Patty Griffin. I was on a 6am flight from LA to Austin, and I hadn’t slept at all the night before. One of the reasons I got into show business was so I wouldn’t have to get up early, but what I didn’t realize, is in show […]

I’m Sorry – Featuring Andrew Bird

Many days I have spent on the road, locked in a silent communion with my ipod, and listening, exclusively, for days and days on end, to Andrew Bird. Of course, it’s a toss up to what my favorite album is, but the one that gets the most overall plays is Armchair Apocrypha. When I start […]

Interview and Review of Cho Dependent in the Press Register

The Alchemist – Margaret Cho mixes comedy and music and the result is more than shocking by Michael Dumas The Press Register BILOXI, Miss. — It just got even harder to stereotype Margaret Cho. For two decades, the comedienne has stood on stage, screen and page, spouting some of the raunchiest, wittiest and most socially […]

Interview with Sinister Girlz

Cho Dependent: An Exclusive Interview with Margaret Cho Interview by lesliedj at Margaret Cho has done it all. Her comedy tours have landed her numerous televised standup specials and rebroadcasts of her feature comedy films. Her concert DVDs have grossed millions (her first special “I’m The One That I Want” broke the record for […]