Shut Up!

I cannot deal with it when people cannot stop talking. I am shy beyond reason, and almost can never muster up even a word unless I absolutely have to. Doing comedy doesn’t really count as conversation. I’ve already thought it through – I know what I am going to say. I try to go for the absolute minimum amount of words to relay the maximum Read More


Do you ever really think about the times when you are happy? I don’t. Happiness to me is just an unnoticed state of mind, something we drive through to get to lonely and miserable, or ecstatic. Happy is just kind of normal for me, and so I don’t even greet it with a smile. It’s something I take for granted like the sunrise. It’s light Read More


portsmouth, nh

These tour days are so short. We drive to the city we are playing, our little band of sisters, be in Portsmouth, NH/Ridgefield, CT/Concord, NH/Portland, ME/Burlington, VT – this week is New England’s turn to be wherever, we get to the hotel for a 2 hour bout of fighting with the snooze buttons on our phones, we load into the venue, we eat a meal Read More

Feet Treat

I can no longer deny that I have dry feet and now I am taking matters into my own hands (feet) and I broke down and ordered a Ped Egg and some foot moisturizer in a weird push up stick. It’s kind of like a yogurt push up or a deodorant, neither of which I have experience with. I have never eaten yogurt that is Read More

Petting 2

bronnie on her pillow

Bronnie sometimes acts like she doesn’t want to get petted. She sits by herself in a pretty satin pillow outside, blonde fur glinting red and gold in the sun, a warm smell of corn chips around her, as dog paws are fritos-like when heat is applied to them. She’s standoffish, a little bit cold, a little bit old, incapable of becoming the puppy battering ram Read More

Good Dogs

There’s percolating sounds that a good dog makes when she is happy and healthy and sitting next to her mom and/or dad. It’s like these little wet noises of pleasure, that coincide with brief petting, getting those doggie endorphins going, hands between long limbs and touching the warmth within, like you are stoking a dog fire.

I often can’t believe the simple yet overwhelming joy I Read More

Sex Advice

My advice to young women about sex – well that’s an interesting thing. I have had a great deal of sex in my life, yet not a lot of people ask me sex advice. Perhaps its because I complain a bunch about it and nobody likes a squeaky wheel although it does get the grease. I don’t know. I have it less lately, more because Read More

Delicious NYC

I have been eating as much as possible and it seems to me to be the right thing, as it’s all odd immigrant childhood foods, undeniable and irresistible and full of history as well as calories.

Made many trips out in NYC this week for these tempting things, like al jjiggae, which is a hot spicy stew made from veiny pollack roe sacs which float in Read More


I don’t have children, and I am not sure if I have wanted them or never wanted them. It’s weird not to be able to decide. Kids are great, and many of my friends now have almost grown up kids, like in their late teens and early twenties, and I see these tall beings who I once held in my arms and I am alarmed, Read More