Monsters of Talk Ep 7 & Video

Episode 7 is up now! Look at this amazing preview by Jim Short!

Listen to the full episode:


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Monsters of Talk – Dorner Manifesto

A new episode of Monsters of Talk will be released in the morning and we talk about how Chris Dorner mentioned me in his manifesto! Here are a few clips, with images and video by Jim Short.

UPDATE 2/18/2013

Here is the full episode!!




Oh my goodness I love Downton Abbey. This is my – uh – well, for lack of a better term, JAM. Any kind of historical drama that has corsets and hats and lots of Battenburg lace. I am not so keen on the old novels – Henry James makes me always lose my place, I don’t know nothing about Jane Austen, never read nothing of Read More

The Court Reporter

Have we discussed the dog petting position I like to call “The Court Reporter”? It’s a very good thing that I do almost every morning I am lucky enough to wake up at home. My big dog, Bronwyn, who is my older, loving Australian Cattle Dog mix, will follow me out of the warm bed into the bathroom and while I am seated on the Read More

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Nasal Spray

It might be obvious, but I can’t really breathe through my nose that well. I never have been able to. I remember being a kid and some Korean ladies saying to my mother, “she would be pretty if her nose would just stop running…”

It’s so weird what sticks in your head forever. So much I cannot remember, but these tiny fragments of memory get lodged Read More


Venice is a kind of magic city, where the Grand Canal reflects its near impossible beauty. The water seems like theme park water, shallow and glassy, uninhabitable, a steampunky green Jules Verne imagined color, like 20,000 leagues below, you might meet a giant octopus. I ride the vaporetto like any typical tourist, hanging onto the sides of the water bus for dear life, the whipping Read More