Nasal Spray

It might be obvious, but I can’t really breathe through my nose that well. I never have been able to. I remember being a kid and some Korean ladies saying to my mother, “she would be pretty if her nose would just stop running…”

It’s so weird what sticks in your head forever. So much I cannot remember, but these tiny fragments of memory get lodged Read More


Venice is a kind of magic city, where the Grand Canal reflects its near impossible beauty. The water seems like theme park water, shallow and glassy, uninhabitable, a steampunky green Jules Verne imagined color, like 20,000 leagues below, you might meet a giant octopus. I ride the vaporetto like any typical tourist, hanging onto the sides of the water bus for dear life, the whipping Read More

Terrible Day

If I had been kinder to myself, to my body, if I had better timing, if I made different choices, if I were biologically inclined, if I were emotionally capable, if I were not betrayed this time or that time, if I had been with someone else, someone who cared, if I had then a partner, if I were not as appealing to those who Read More


Lately, I have been staycationed (as opposed to stationed, as I am not really doing anything in particular) in Portland, OR, a city where I have never lived but have visited often over the years. The immense paper and printed church of reading, or Powell’s, as it is known by name, always gave me at least an entire day if not a week of indescribable Read More


Why am I a feminist? I just am, and I haven’t really questioned it.

There are always women who like to say they are not feminists – famous, successful, courageous and powerful woman at that(!) — but, then, those women who say that have made their voices heard across the globe, over time, loudly and clearly, and that probably couldn’t have happened without a great deal of Read More


London, beloved city where today I make my restless home – it’s a unique place for sure. There was a slight burst of sun today, breaking through the thick clouds, hope for the weary and vitamin D deprived. I walk quickly, through the ever wet and steamy streets of Soho, feeling werewolf but looking more tourist.

No one looks you in the face here, as we Read More


Insomnia is going to drive me insane, or it may be the reason I am almost there already. My vision blurs, I can’t remember anything, there’s nothing I would rather do that lay down and close my eyes but when I do that, sleep doesn’t come. It’s that I am just stuck staring at the inside of my eyelids, waiting waiting and waiting.

When I was Read More