Village Voice: This is Stand-Up

“Those who do [comedy] know they have to do it,” Cho tells the Voice. “I think I was really born into it and knew that was my identity at a very young age.”

Cho addresses race in comedy, how she considers herself a kind of a laugh-inducing yoga instructor, and delving into dangerous territory: “I don’t want to invite suffering into my life in order to Read More


I don’t know why, but I wrote this in London, before I knew that Bronwyn was about to die. I just had the urge to get up and write. A few hours later, I heard that she had gone. I honestly feel this was her last message to me. I am not sure what I will do without her now. So, as odd as this Read More

The Insider: ‘Being a Sexual Abuse Survivor Left Me Vulnerable to Many Rapes’

The Insider
November 18, 2015
Margaret Cho has always been very public about being a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Now at the age of 46, the comedian is publicly declaring “I Want to Kill My Rapist” in her latest single. “The Insider With Yahoo” correspondent Keltie Knight sat down with Margaret for a chilling conversation in which she openly discussed being raped multiple times and the Read More

NEW VIDEO: (I Want To) Kill My Rapist

My new video for (I Want To) Kill My Rapist is out now!

I do not condone violence but cathartic rage has its place in art. I believe if you have been sexually abused, you must ‘murder’ your rapist in your mind. Abuse leads to self abuse, drug addiction, depression, eating disorders, suicide. I want to kill it before it kills me. I’m grateful to all Read More

12 Days of Rage – Day 12

FINAL RAGE VIDEO!! See the premiere of (I Want to To) Kill My Rapist tomorrow on!

For the 12 days leading up to the release of my new song and video, (I Want To) Kill My Rapist, I will be posting one video per day to tell my stories of sexual abuse. My “12 Days of Rage”. Please join me. Tell your story using #‎12daysofrage Read More