Mercy Mistress Web Series Launch

Today we launched Mercy Mistress, a new series I’m Executive Producing (with the Mercy Mistress team, Sarah Martin, Evan Shapiro and Jessie Boemper)! We had a killer party at the Museum of Sex and now it’s live for all of you on youtube. Enjoy!

I really fell for the project at first sight. I hadn’t met Yin and Poppy before, but I felt like I already knew them through our shared experience of Asian American queer freakiness! They had such a fresh perspective and were telling stories I related to so deeply—we must have collaborated in another life! It all feels so easy and familiar.

Mercy Mistress is based on a memoir by Yin Q. The show follows the character Mistress Yin, played by Poppy Liu, as a queer, first-gen, Chinese-American professional and lifestyle dominatrix in Manhattan. Season 1 is directed entirely by Amanda Madden, and produced by a primarily woman-led crew, with support of the POC, Asian American, queer, and kink communities. The show simultaneously explores immigrant life, stories of Asian culture in America, the struggles and challenges of sex workers, and authentic experiences in the kink world.

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