Margaret Cho Opens Up About How Joan Rivers and the Go-Go’s Changed Her Life


Strolling through the aisles of Hollywood’s Record Parlour store, sifting through bins crammed with more than 50,000 vintage vinyl albums, comedian/musician/TV host/rabid music fan Margaret Cho heads for the comedy section and excitedly grabs a copy of 1983’s What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most, by her comic idol and Fashion Police predecessor, Joan Rivers.

“This is the best. This is a classic. A classic!” Cho exclaims, clutching the album to her bosom. “This should belong in any comedy fan’s arsenal. This is very, very important and very influential. She was a huge inspiration. And then she became my friend, my mentor, and was always there for me — like if I had a bad night or a bad show or something. She was always very, very supportive.”

Some might be surprised to find out that barbed-tongued Rivers, who took no prisoners when it came to her comedy and harsh fashion critiques, was such a sweet mother figure in real life. But Cho got to see a softer side of Rivers, who passed away in 2014.


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