NY TIMES: The Righteous Rage of Margaret Cho

After three decades in the business of comedy, fans and critics alike know what makes Margaret Cho tick. As a pioneer of self-awareness and sex-positive storytelling, Cho was dealing out honest, NSFW routines long before Amy Schumer became a household name. It’s all good, though — the two friends admire each other.

On stage and off, 46-year-old Cho is a maverick activist. She pushes back against social and political structures in defense of marginalized people, such as members of the LGBT community and, more recently, those conducting sex work around the world. (As a former sex worker herself, it’s a single aspect of a complex, layered identity.) She’s an Asian-American bisexual and an outspoken victim of rape and assault, who has also has suffered from body issues and abused drugs and alcohol. Her work reflects this complexity: the Grammy-nominated comedian has navigated her way from darkness back to the light through stand-up, authorship, acting, song and dance. She’s an empathic artist who needs her fans for sanity as much as they need her for release. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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