Laughspin: The PsyCHO comedian has Tooken our hearts again (INTERVIEW)

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Oh, Margaret Cho. Whether she’s psycho, or one bad mother, or charitably spreading her charity through charitable acts – like a little campaign you may have heard of, #BeRobin – the unstoppable comedian and actress never ceases to amaze, surprise, and blow audiences completely away.

And get this; she’s been doing stand-up since she was 14. Fourteen. What were you doing at fourteen? If you’re like me, you were probably cutting class and shoplifting Bic lighters from the local 7/11 – nothing near as cool as hanging out with the likes of Robin Williams while grooming yourself to be a major comedy star. With a seemingly endless series of live tours and specials under her diamond-studded belt (the latest, PsyCHO, kicks off June 19 in Orlando, and tickets for other dates are on sale here), you’d think Madam Margaret would be satisfied stopping there, but she’s also found time to work in a movie role as the villain BrownFinger in Tooken, a spoof of the hugely popularTaken franchise, which is now available for streaming on Video on Demand s. And then, of course, there’s the #BeRobin campaign, which has raised countless amounts of money for local homeless communities. Sitting down for our fourth – fourth! – conversation, the divine Miss M waxed philosophic on her lengthy career in comedy, what makes her laugh about troubling current events, and why Robin Williams and Joan Rivers were her comedy parents.

My first question, and this is mostly just to satisfy my own curiosity, is this: is the Brown Finger character based off of Kim Jung Un?

No, you know what I actually thought he was based off? More like one of those Samurai or sword fight movies. Or like Steven Seagal. He looks like Steven Seagal to me, especially with that man-braid. It’s just so terrible, and it was actually kind of uncomfortable to get into that get-up. It was rough.


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