Helping the Homeless – #BeRobin

From now until the end of the year i will be busking in the streets of san francisco to help the homeless – many hours a day…..

I will tweet and Facebook where i will be and id love any of you to come down and help me feed and entertain people.

The homeless problem in SF is out of control and this is the least we can do.

If you can’t join me, there’s another way to help: Throw a few bucks to help feed the needy! DONATE HERE

If you have something you’d like to promote on twitter and facebook, you can “Adopt-A-Day,” and your monies will go to feed the homeless on a specific day.

But every little bit helps, and any monies left will be divided between several amazing charities in SF.

If you have, GIVE. If you need, TAKE.

We can all #BeRobin


 Info on our BIG event this WED 11/26 & an explanation of how it works! 


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