Postponing PHOENIX & TUCSON Shows

Due to circumstances beyond my control, regretfully – I must postpone the Arizona shows (Tucson & Phoenix). I am very disappointed, but this unfortunately is what has to happen. I will reschedule as soon as I can. It’s really important for me to come out there!!

Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase.

– Margaret



6 thoughts on “Postponing PHOENIX & TUCSON Shows

  1. PLEASE. PLEASE let me know when the Phoenix and Tucson concerts are rescheduled and where I might procure tickets.

    — Steve, a desperate fan in Baja Arizona

  2. I bought the tickets in July and counted down the days until I saw you December 3rd – I cannot wait to start counting the days again until your rescheduled show! I just hope I can get my front row ticket again – it would be so awesome to see you especially sitting in the front row!!!

  3. 🙁 very sad. it’s my birthday today and I was so looking forward to the show. I will certainly be there when you do come but it was perfect, right on my birthday.

  4. Alright motherfucker my friend and I have been waiting for 4 months to go to the show now we are stuck in downtown Phoenix in karaoke bar. Thanks. get your motherfucking ass to Phx. Xxxx

  5. ha ha ha omg man this was a good comment. this is a response to the person who left the last comment about margaret cho cancelling her show in phoenix & tucson. you know what denise i’m not from phoenix or tucson i’m from new york and i gotta say anybody who cancels there scheldule at the last minute and don’t let anybody know anything is full of crap. now today is margaret cho’s birthday
    she is 45 years old now. and i betcha on her facebook or twitter she proberly apologized but i asure you that she will say when she will re-scheldule her apperence in phoenix. girl if i were you i would curse her out in person at the karaoke bar out there and tell her straight to her face “motherfucker me and my friend have been waiting for 4 months to go to the show to see your motherfucking ass and you are going cancel your show. what were you thinking?” that’s what i would tell her. and for the record i don’t think margaret cho cares about her fans anymore. ever since she’s been quiet these days nobody in the media doesn’t talk about her since her short lived 90’s show was cancelled “all american girl” she thinks she can get away with anything, but stodding her fans up. she is wrong for doing that and she has a lot explaing to do. so my advise is that if she ever comes to phoenix you should give her a piece of her mind. i mean in a nice way. and about that whole think about what i said before about “if i were you” i was just joking around, but serious be nice. ok well like i said today is her birthday so i’m about to go on her facebook and twitter account and see if she got any birthday request. peace out. (oh yeah by the way, i got a cousin named and she is crazy lol)

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