My new Blueberry Guitar

As soon as I had my hands on my Blueberry guitar I could not let it go. It’s an extraordinary instrument. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it sounds incredible and imbued with a mystical spirit that makes me a better player. It is stunning for stage – it looks like no other guitar out there – and it plays like a dream. I’m a fan for life.


blueberry 4

blueberry 3

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  1. Beautiful guitar. Have you tried a ukulele? They are incredibly sweet-sounding and fun to play. Soft nylon strings, compact size. You can make them sound bluesy (sticking to A, D, E chording) or you can do the 1920s minor chord thing. Have fun making music!

  2. You sure have a lot more tattoos than you did last time i saw you.. do you go to one particular tattoo artist? Some of your tats have tgat. Japanese color to them… thats not something tgat just any tat artist can do,cuz the japanese use different special inks..the colors are much brighter..bolder… you are very beautiful!

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