I deeply respect runners. I can’t go more than say, 10 feet without totally winding myself, coughing and sputtering, red faced and sweating, staggering to my own imaginary finish line.

It must be incredible to actually complete a marathon. To challenge your body to go that far, like Pheidippides, running on, to what might feel like your last breath, and for a few today, terribly was. I may never do it, but I will always admire and envy the incredible spirit it takes to do such a thing.

I awoke this morning in Melbourne to the tragic events in Boston, and I am sickened and shocked and concerned, yet also moved by all the beautiful Bostonians banding together to help house and comfort those in need. It’s remarkable how human beings, normally closed up unto ourselves in our own private solar systems of need and greed, will suddenly open up homes, sofa beds and kitchens when terror looms large.

I see my old friend Patton Oswalt’s words over the internet, and I remember when he lived a block from me, and I could walk, not run over for drugs or coffee anytime, and here he offers solace once again, from all the way across the sea.

All my love to Boston, to the runners, the watchers, the fans in the stands, and for all of us here in the world, trying to understand.

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  1. I volunteered to hand out water near my hovel in the glamourous “industrial triangle” area of Beverly Hills with friends. Got up at 4am to set up out water station and the runners came through. I was shocked and thrilled at how many people thanked us for being there. Thanked us! I couldn’t run from downtown LA to Rexfprd Drive if I was being chased and we were being thanked by the runners..

    Boston was a reminder that there are sad, evil, twisted people in the world. The aftermath is a reminder that while they can cause pain and heartache that for the most part people are good and caring.

    As long as we remember that, and try to reflect it in our daily lives we’ll be okay.

  2. where are you margaret?? this marathon thing — who knows?? i was camping in big sur to be away from the MOST stupid production on the planet with hateful church idiots — absolute fools. anyhow, i was riding in an ambulance and the EMT tells me after my hike out from the wilderness. yet, he knows i was in new york on church street in tribeca for 9/11 but he played dumb. so, 11 years later — am i supposed to believe this story about boston — when it seems some people cannot pull their heads from their ass and cut through their tragic need to be in STUPID films rather than cutting through the bullshit??

    thus, this is a violent culture and i will soooooooooooo happy to leave. so margaret — where are you?? these tragedies are tragic and horrible….but what do we say about a barbarism that feeds this??

    have a lovely night!!! everytime i come to LA — i LOVE it, but i’m reminded at how limited artists are in this town because of filmic douchery.

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